Need part at BunnyBot event.

In a fit of rage, the BunnyNabber Arm violently struck our 120 Amp circuit breaker (Andy Marks part AM-0282). Our spare circuit breaker is hiding somewhere. We are ordering replacements, but have concerns about delivery prior to Saturday event.

If your team is attending BunnyBots in Portland, Or this Saturday and you have an AM-0282 that you can sell us, you would be our friend for life.

Iron Mustangs, 3711, Trout Lake, WA

We should have a spare that we could loan.

I’ll check with our Electrical team and make sure.

Edit: Yep, we have spares, and will pack one along.

We plan to load in Saturday morning. If you still need one by then, come by our pit.

We will almost definitely have extras. Don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything else as well.

We just got a solenoid block in the mail that we loaned to a Turkish team at Champs last year. (That solenoid block had quite the adventure!)

Thanx to 1425 and 2471. We will see you on Saturday (weather permitting).