Need replacement Keyng-9 couplers

Anyone know how to order replacement keyang-9 couplers? Or anyone able to trade? I can’t seem to find any info on them.


my team uses the Keyang Couplers but after searching it seem that we were not going to be able to find spares.

did you crack yours? or strip the teeth? if so consider that at FIRST events there is a spare parts desk.


Section 3 – At the Events
Spares Case Contents:
FIRST recognizes that there may be issues at your event in which you may require
replacement parts of which you do not have extras. For this reason, we offer a
Spares Case at each event (reference Section 3.9.5 of the Manual). The case is
stocked with various items that your team may need in case of an emergency. Some
of the items are consumables, but others will not be given out unless you exchange
your damaged part for the new part.
Other parts are loaned parts and must be returned after the event (notated in bold
text). Teams must have written approval from the event’s Innovation First
representative in order to borrow Innovation First items. If these are not returned,
FIRST will charge the credit card submitted upon the loan.
The following components may be available at the Spares Case at your event.
Please remember that there are limited quantities, and that they are distributed on a
first come first serve basis. While FIRST will make every effort to keep the Space
Case as fully stocked as possible, we cannot guarantee that every item will always
be available. It is incumbent upon each team to obtain and bring any
spare/replacement parts that may be critical to the operation of their robot, and only
rely upon the Spares Case as a resource of last resort.
Air tank, Clippard Pressure Gauge, WIKA
Battery connector Pressure Switch, Nason
Battery Connector Plug Radio Modem for Robot Controller
Battery, backup Regulator & bracket, Monnier
Bearings, R8 (wheel) Regulator mounting kit, Norgren
Chain, #35, (feet) Regulator, Norgren
Circuit Breaker, 120A Relay Module (Spike)
Circuit Breakers (20, 30 & 40A) Relief Valve, Norgren
Compact Fan (large and mini) Robot Controller Unit
**Couplers (6, 9, & 12 tooth)** Rod/clevis kit
Cylinders, Parker Rotary limit switch
Fuse Block, gold plated Serial cable, 9-pin
Fuse Panels (6 & 12 position) Solenoid valve, FESTO
Gearbox, FisherPrice Speed Controller (Victor 884)
Lead Screw w/ nut Sprockets, Gates
Microswitch Sprocket, output & wheel
Motor, CIM Tape, teflon
Motor, Denso window Terminal Block, black & red
Motor, FisherPrice Terminal block, center jumper
Motor, Globe Terminal block, end anchors & barriers
Motor, Keyang window (-1023, -60, & -61) Terminal strips
Motor, Mabuchi Terminals (Tyco, Delphi, & FCI
Operator Interface Units Tie wraps (4” & 8”)
Pivot/bracket set Transmission kits
Pneumatic fittings, brass, Parker Tubing, latex (handful)
Pneumatic fittings, SMC Tubing, pneumatic, roll
PowerGrip belting Vibration isolators, handful
Pressure Gauge, Norgren Wheel, grey
Wire, 6AWG, Black & Red

Section 3 At The Events

3.9.5 Replacement Parts Station
Spare parts will be available at the events; however, the available parts at the events will not
be published until after Kickoff. Watch for a Team Update with this information. FIRST asks
that teams bring any unused parts from their kits to events to assist and support each other.
This kindness can expand your FIRST network of friends as you exchange parts.
Batteries & chargers will NOT be available at any event unless you have made prior
arrangements with FIRST (email [email protected] for more information).
Teams are responsible for all Innovation First, Inc. products required at events. If a team has
a problem with its controller, LOANERS will be available under the following restrictions:
 Teams must get approval from the on-site Innovation First, Inc. staff member.
 An adult member of the team must provide a Credit Card number to ensure proper return
of the items after the completion of the event.
 If the part is not returned at the end of the event, or the part is damaged when
returned, FIRST will bill the credit card for the replacement cost of the borrowed
item or the repair charge.
 All “loaner” items are available on a first-come, first-served basis. (*) Requires approval
from Innovation First, Inc. before a team can borrow equipment.
- Operator Interface (*)
- Robot Controller (*)
- Radio Modems (*)
- AC Adapter for Operator Interface
- Speed Controllers (Victor 884)
- Relay Modules (Spike)

The company that makes the window motor and the associated parts are over seas. with that in mind it would be much easier to call local teams around u and arrange for them to donate or trade there unused couplers and get them at the event or have them mailed.

Calling other teams in the area was on the agenda for today. I was hoping there might be a supplier, but feared the worst. Oh well time for the team to hit the phones.