Need Robots for Movie!

We have seven ROVs for the Movie! La Vida Robot! Need seven more! Anyone out there that has an ROV and wants it to be in a movie. It does not have to run. It will be used as a ROV in a pit on the set of the pool competition. We will need from Oct. 4th through the 29. It will be well taken care of and you your team will be listed in the credits! Click on this form to submit your ROV. We will contacting you regarding how to pic it up.

Please, we need more ROVS for the Movie set! There are supposed to be about 20 bots in the scene that will be the pits. Any team can build a an “ROV” it does not have to work. It will just be sitting on the set. It just has to look like it could work if put in water. Any one of you can build one and it will be in the movie and you will be in the credits for your participation. We are building the ones that will actually operate in the water so our hands are full, we need your help!

Question for you as we are across the country, would a Seaperch be something you could make use of? We have access to a couple of them from last year.

Sorry, we need a little more intimidation factor, thanks for offering though. If you care to build a static ROV that would look more like let us know. Remember it does not have to work or be water tight…

The robots are coming along nicely…underwater shooting starts in a week. Keep an eye out for this movie, it’s gonna be great!