Need Safety Glasses??

I found safety glasses online at Type in “safety glasses 12 pk” and look in the everything else catagory. Sort by price and there they were…16.20 per dozen!! plus frt thought this may help some teams

81 cents each in quantity.

Trying contacting a local Grainger, if you have one. Our local rep said that coporate loves for them to donate safety items.

Evidently it doesn’t apply to us. Here is the e-mail I got from them:

Hello Wayne. I appreciate the time you have taken to contact Grainger.

Thank you for considering Grainger for your request. Most of Grainger’s
giving is done through the Company’s extensive three-for-one Matching
Charitable Gifts Program in which our employees can direct their gifts
to eligible schools and non-profit organizations. Grainger also
contributes to social support organizations involved in helping during
disasters and improving technical education.

If your request is within these two focus areas, please contact your
local Grainger branch and they will review your request.

If we’re not “improving technical education,” I don’t know what we’re doing.