need scouting info from teams 966 and 970!!!!

These are some questions that my team would like answers to, but if you don’t know the answers to any of these questions yet please don’t make up stuff!! See you guys at the competitions, hope you make it to championships this year!!!

Scouting questions:
What is a significant feature of your robot?

What are the capabilities of your robot? (How strong, how consistent)

What is your strategy?

What does your robot do during autonomous mode?

Does your robot stack boxes? If so, what’s its maximum?

Does your robot go under the bar?

What is your robot’s top velocity?

What aspects of your robot are not quite up to par (could be better)?

How has your robot’s performance been in the past competitions?

What do your team do to promote yourselves? Team colors, logo, mascot.

Did you do an animation?

Did you submit a chairman’s award?

Did you submit a Woodie Flowers award?

How many years has your team been in FIRST?

How many years have you been on the team?

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please contact me soon!!!