Need software to run RCX with Win7

Hello All:

I am new here and I am in need of some help.

I teach a basic robotics class for many years now. I have 20something RCXs and they have served us well. The kids still like them. The building is easy. Programming with Robolab is relatively easy. The IF towers are mostly USB, but I have some serial towers too.

Due to financial reasons, I have never been able to upgrade to NXTs. I certainly cannot buy 15 new kits (and then do it again when those get phased out by Lego). But I do need to upgrade my classroom computers to Win7 for other reasons. Unfortunately, Robolab does not run on Windows 7.

I need software that will allow me to continue using the RCXs with Windows 7. Is BricxCC a good option? I don’t mind a text-based user interface but I have not been able to get it to talk to the RCX, even with the old XP computers. What bits am I missing?

Does anyone have any ideas for an alternative to Lego software that would allow the control of an RCX under Windows 7?

Thanks a bunch!

If it is 32-bit, see

Also see if it is 64-bit.

Tried it and it works with XP. Will have to try with Windows 7 but this is maybe a good sign. I am encouraged (and have not been much of that lately).

Do you know of a tutorial that will tell me how work RobotC with the RCX? I need to learn this before I can teach it. Something that shows me the commands and variables for the sensors, motors, loops, task splits, etc.

I found one for some basic motor commands, but nothing more advanced.


What Bitness of Windows are you using (32-bit or 64-bit)? RoboLab 2.5.4 / 2.9 should be able to work with 32-bit Windows 7.

We have also been quite successful running RoboLab within a VMWare image, so that it could be used on 64-bit Windows through a 32-bit VM.


Back again after a break of 2.5 years. I apologize for dropping out of the conversation. We just could not make it fit in, the teaching schedule changed, and the daily routine arrived. No robotics as a result. However, schedule changed again and robotics can come back if I can make it work with the equipment we have. Still cannot afford new robotic kits.

Are there any news to control the Lego RCX with Windows 7 (or anything newer) and 64 bit machines? Our tech support guy reports that RoboLab installed fine but that the USB port seems to not connect. (I think that is what he said).

I would not mind NOT using RoboLab if that is a solution to our problem.

Does anyone have new thoughts to get us going again?

BricxCC with NQC is great for the RCX

Hello, I have de same problem. Did you have any luck ? Any tips?