Need Some Clarification of Rule G27

Is it saying that you can not have a gear in the area showed or can you just not have two gears in that area?

my team’s understanding of G27 is that only one gear is allowed to be touching the robot itself during a match. If more than one gear is touching the robot at a time, then it counts as a violation of the rule. Hope this helps!

A. “bulldozing” (inadvertent contact with GEARS while in the path of the
ROBOT moving about the FIELD)

B. “deflecting” (being hit by a GEAR that bounces into or off of a

These are the only conditions in which a second gear can touch your bot.

You cannot posses more than one gear. It’s considered as possession when your robot is carrying more than one great or carrying one gear and pushing another one. Running over a gear is not possession, on less the gear moves. This girl s my understanding of rule and Q&A clarification.

Note the line immediately above the two that you quoted from the G27 blue box:

Examples of interaction with GEARS that are not “control” include, but are not limited to:

(emphasis mine)

So while those are 2 conditions that do not constitute possession, those may not be the only 2 conditions.

So your allowed to have a gear on top of your robot as long as you don’t have two, right?


Ok thanks, because we had people interrupt it as you had to carry the gears outside the box as shown in rule G04.

May want to have those people read Q68’s answer at FIRST FRC Q&A System.

Ok thanks again