NEED SOME HELP from Northern NY Teams

For right now, I just want to know what teams are in the northern NY area close to Auburn NY. Please list team name, location, website (if available) and contact info. Its for something very important. Thank you.

Fromm the look of things Team 174 is very nearby to the East in Liverpool. Rochester is also not very far away.

I have big plans for the city of Auburn NY and want to start an FRC team there with hopes of laying a strong foundation based off of a technology and robotics curriculum that would be mirrored off of MORT’s highly successful and award winning one. Any help would be greatly appreciated because Auburn is a very special place to me and I want to do something amazing for it. Funding and support from the town will not be a problem as my uncle has been a highly prominent figure in their town council, in Cayuga county, and also New York state. Thanks for any help.

Team 1511, Rolling Thunder out of Rochester as well, would be glad to help!!

Visit our website for contact and helpful info!!! :slight_smile:

191 and 340 are also nearby.

Thank you so much guys. I think I will start out small with an FLL at first so I can handle that myself. Once the program builds into the high school with FTC and FRC I will definitely get in touch with some of you guys. Again, thanks for the support:)

I would also suggest getting information possible help from 340 and 1511. They are amazing teams and help from any level of FIRST. I know they are some of the top notch teams out there and always want to help out especially in FLL.

Our team can handle FLL and FTC because of our mentor Ernie DiCicco. He has started and supported so many teams that I’ve lost count now. But yea…I’m starting to plan for it already and will keep everyone updated :slight_smile:

Please do! I hope to see another FRC team formed in NY! Again, if ya need help we got tons of people and teams! Just ask! :slight_smile:

If you would personally like to get involved in securing sponsors please PM me.:slight_smile:

This could also be an awesome way for MORT to build relationships with teams outside of NJ like 1511 and 191. This’ll be so awesome.

In the Auburn area or anywhere in upstate NY?

Auburn specifically. Once we establish a larger base in that area I want to continue spreading FIRST to smaller towns. This may take a few years but I can see it growing into an awesome place fro FIRST.

Is there such thing as like “New York Robotics Education Alliance” or “Empire State Robotics Association” ?

If not, we should definitely start something like that to build a stronger bond between NY teams. Not to mention if we all work together on this it would be much easier to start new teams. What do you guys think? NJ+NY teams partner up to make this area of the country the largest concentration of FIRST teams? That would be sick as hell because I have always wanted to do something like that.

Sounds like a solid plan, and this ties into Dean’s NYC-centric homework of doubling the amount of teams. 80 teams inside of NYC alone is the target.

Contact me for ideas on sponsors.

It’s between Rochester and Syracuse.