Need some IR help

I’m fairly new to the C language (I know 3 forms of BASIC and C#), and I’ve never used IR before, we have the transmitter set up, and the recievers do detect both the “0” and “1” wavelength signal (used an ociliscope to view the white side of the reciever). I need some help in setting up the motors to do something when the recievers see a signal, and to figure out where the signal is comming from. Thanks for help


Look through the programming forum, and try some searching. There are some good discussion/help threads already out there. Also, you’ll want to carouse through [/tracker and /faq too].

Are you following the setup at If so, you should be able to use the code he has as a pretty darn good base. To get the motors to do something, just send a value to them to move! I suppose you’ll want to figure out where the signal is coming from … or rather where the beacon is, in which case you might need trig. The more I think about it, you must not be using the setup at, because you’d know where the signal is coming from if you were (it would be the direction the sensors are pointed at – now, moving there is a different story, but again, there is some code he gives us for this). Note that without modification, the sensors will "sense’ the beacon from just about any direction … which obviously isn’t a good thing. Point your browser toward that site i’ve referenced too many time and am determined not to say again.

I found that site right after I origionally posted, thanx for the help mtrawls