Need some programming, fast! :)

Hello everyone,

My team has been in the process of making a second t-shirt cannon robot that can drive an entire parade route… That is the easy part.

We decided to use pneumatic wheels in the rear, and rack and pinion steering in the front so it controls like a car. We have also done this on an older robot (the Big Ball year), so we know mechanically it will work well. Our issue is that the parade is Saturday (tomorrow) and an emergency came up with our programmer so now we are in a pickle.

Has anyone else used a drive/steering system like this before? If so, would you happen to have some Java code laying around as well? I am no programmer but I am just knowledgeable enough to modify existing code.

Any help we can get would be GREATLY appreciated!

Oop, sorry, If I wouldve seen this I could have helped but our city festival is also this weekend.