Need some robot pictures

I am meeting with some new potential engineering mentors, that could help our team with fabrication. One of the things I want to make certain is that they don’t feel the need to support our past sad fabrication methods.

I would like pictures illustrating as many was of building a robot as possible. That is to say sheet metal, aluminum channel, 80/20, wood, plastic, bolted, welded, rivets, glue and anything else people have used. I am not sure what all tools these guys will have access to, and don’t want to assume that we can’t do it some way just because it isn’t in the classroom right now.

Hit up the robot showcase and media section of CD here.

If you can’t find a picture of it there it hasn’t been done.

The FIRST Robotics Canada site is a great resource with hundreds of images that you may be looking for.

Go to: for great pictures of Monocoque Construction.