Need some suggestions

I have been developing our team’s website during the summer, but since I don’t have much experience in website development, I’d like someone to give me some feedbacks/suggestions… Here is the link:


Looks pretty nice. Very professional.

Very nice looking website. I like how it is somewhat simple and still has nice graphics for it. It resizes nicely and everything is spaced perfectly.

I noticed one thing and I notice this after going to many teams’ websites. Some of them do not appear to be focused on the correct group of people. I explained this before over a year ago, but I’ll say it again. This is the only thing I learned in my web design class.

Just about all websites are marketing something, a product, a person, a company, a group, a robotics team, etc. Who are you marketing to? Maybe the judges :D, maybe potential sponsors, maybe people you want to sign up to your team, and maybe team members. This group is your audience and is THE most important thing to remember when designing your site. Everything you do must be what your audiences want.

On my team’s website, we started by listing the audiences and prioritizing them. Team members ended up at the bottom of the list, mainly because we had no reason to impress team members, they were only going to the site for needed things, but we had to market to sponsors, judges, people from other teams, etc.

Here is the one thing I noticed about your site. My site has one link (well ok, two) for the team member stuff. Everything else is for non-team members. I made sure news was not posted on the homepage because why would someone from another team want to see announcements of upcoming meetings? Why would they want a calendar? They would want to have a one paragraph summary of what our team does and what FIRST is so that’s what we give them on the homepage. The team member stuff is neatly seperated onto a seperate page called Member Resources. That page is marketed to team members while the rest of the site focuses on non-team members.

The reason I said all this again is mainly because I saw the calendar link as the first link on the left, after home. Also, most of the homepage appears to be news. I didn’t even read it, but even though I am lazy, others might be lazy also. Maybe title those paragraphs “What are the Technotics?” and “What is FIRST” or something, if that is in fact what they are. The goal is to get people to the information as quickly and easily as possible, instead of making them read all those paragraphs to see what they are. I learned to stop looking at it as “the user is just lazy” and started thinking “if the user is too lazy to read, then lets make them read less to ifnd what they want”.

I hope these few ideas help you out. :slight_smile:

i went through your coding and its very well done. as to the layout its also very nice.

I didn’t really read the paragraphs either (although I did glance at them). :slight_smile: I agree that the site could use an “About FIRST” paragraph or page.

The “about Technotics” paragraph tends to blend in with the rest of the page. The first time I looked at the page I didn’t even see it because I saw the news headline for the paragraph below and figured the rest was news as well. It would be nice to put some sort of break between the about information and the news. A stylized break and some space may be all it takes, but I’m not sure.

Other than that, “Very Nice!”

Thanks, everyone… I can’t believe how helpful you guys are, and I just notice that my site traffic increased almost five-fold overnight :smiley: … And yeah, I will definitely add the paragraph “About FIRST”, I am also thinking of adding a paragraph concerning the game, but of course that cannot be done until FIRST officially announce it.

Again, thanks for your time :slight_smile:

If you want to put that paragraph about that game in right now, using last year’s game, it could be a placeholder until the new game comes out. I figure that the majority of the people won’t know the difference, but now they will at least have a game to read about, just as long as you update that when the new game comes out.