Need some Vex Pro Dual Inputs

I’m looking for at 3 VexPro Dual Input gearboxes. Does anyone happen to have any they’d be willing to part with? I’d be happy to pay for them + any shipping you incur.

I have 1 on our shooter and 1 spare. If we decide to drop our high shooter tomorrow, we can let them go.

Contact me tomorrow night if you did not find any yet.

Hi Tom,

I know we have 1 (might have 2) in our shop I’d be willing to provide to you. I’ll check when we’re in the shop Monday.

Tom, still need this?

I have one we can spare.


Yes! We definitely need them. Can we have someone pick them up, or can you overnight them? I’ll happily pay all costs.

probably be easier if someone come over and pick it up… Ill PM you my contact info.

Tom - do you need any more?

I think we are good now - we should be receiving 2 on Tuesday and 2 on Wednesday. If not, then I’ll be back begging again :smiley:

Thanks for your very kind offer!