Need spare stand

Hello everyone, we are in need of stand. Does anyone has spare stand or can we find at there? :]

Can you clarify what you mean by “stand”?

I mean stall don’t know can I say it more detailed :]

You do not need one of those in your pit.

Oh, you mean the thing those people are standing under?
You probably mean a tent…
English is not an easy language lol, I don’t blame you

Be aware that those tents can really block overhead lighting - it gets very dark in there, and hard to see the robot and what you are working on. If you do it, make sure you bring lights so you can see what you are doing!

Here’s an example I found on Amazon, you can probably pick up some easy search terms from there in order to find something locally:

:smiley: It is my first year in FRC so other members told me they are stalls, that’s why I explained it as stall :smiley: And oh you made me laugh thank you .

Thank you all for your answers :]

So our first year we used one of those. After a safety inspector repeatedly told us to increase the lighting under the tent we ended up just taking the tent off…After a while of that we took down the tent entirely.

The problem is that they block too much overhead light and make it really hard to see in your pit.

Over time we ended up building a pit using wooden boxes. Even that isn’t really necessary, but looks nice and makes the pit a bit more like home.

best of luck to you and yours.


We’ve had to take the canopy of ours off at certain venues, since it blocks overhead sprinklers and was deemed “a fire hazard”.

I have always wondered why teams placed a tent over their pit? :confused:
It seems me it only makes the pit more cramped and harder to work in.

The tents are pretty stupid. Much better ways of showing off your branding that don’t result in you working in a cave.

How else am I supposed to channel my inner Tony Stark with a box of scraps?