Need Sponsored Web Hosting?

If anyone here is looking for a host for their robotics site, check out When I talked to Hosting about hosting my teams website, I told them about FIRST and who we were and they thought it would be neat to host other teams as well. They offered us two ways to get hosting. One was by having free hosting, but w/ adervtisement as a team sponsor. The other was paid hosting. The paid hosting was with discounted domain registration and free account upgrade. The other cool thing on top of that is that they are now having a domain registration special at $9.95 a year per domain.

If you have any questions, or you are really interested in signging up email them @ [email protected] and you can get info on their plans at their site

Can you make our website so we can start to upload and ill have my teacher give the money asap. thanks

What? Where did this come from? This thread was posted almost an entire year ago. What is your post supposed to mean? If you’re interested in the sponsored hosting there’s a sticky thread about this promotion at the top of the web design forum:

“Can you make our website”? What?

I’m so confused…

P.S.: Sevaa rocks.

how do we set up it. we need help