Need Suggestions for raising money. Please Help!

Our team is currently in need to raise money so we can compete this year. I know it is too late to get grants and we just lost our NASA 6k grant this year… And I just found this out about a week ago because our head mentor for the team has changed and wasn’t informed that we lost the grant. Thusly, we have until December 9th to earn $6,000 dollars. :ahh: :frowning: Any suggestions on what we should do?

Ok, #1 suggestion is don’t use that color text, it is impossible to read unless you highlight it then it’s still tough.

Second, check out the fundraising section of these forums. There is unbelievable amounts of documentation there. Also check out the white papers.

This link will give you over 500 threads regarding fundraising. Read through those, they will give you some ideas

You need to raise $6000 in 3 months. Better get started on what you can in this thread. Also look through the rest of the Fundraising subforum.

Thanks, oh, and sorry about the font ^^;;

You list your hometown as Seattle, a major metropolitan area. A quick google search produced this book:
Who’s the leader in your market?
Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle) Book of Lists provides you with listings of hundreds of the hottest area companies in their fields, by ranking. You’ll also receive the names of key decision makers, along with their titles and complete contact information.

Get a copy of the book, perfect your sponsor presentation and sponsor packet and start making contacts.
NOTE: Almost every major city has a magazine aimed at businesses and they will often do an annual ranking in terms of sales or by industry. These are great resources for where you might start looking for sponsors.