Need Team Contact Info

Hey everyone,

We here at teams 885, 811, and 2370 are teaming up for some scouting, and looking to contact any teams attending either the Nashua or WPI competitions this year. So far, we have contact info for the following teams:
131, 133, 138, 172, 177, 885, 1247, 1277, 1474, 1517, 1519, 1721, 1922, 2084, 2342, 2370, 2423, 2621, 2648, 2876, and 3323.

We need contact info, preferably an email address, for teams 95, 97, 509, 1512, 1786, 1831, 3566, 3609, 3780, 3958, 4034, 4151, 4473, 4909, 4929, 4987, and 5163.

If you are a part of one of these teams, it would be greatly appreciated if you could email me any contact info you have to me at timerwin63[AT]gmail[D0T]com, or post it here on the forum.

Thanks to all, and have a great rest of the season!

FYI: It’s generally not considered a good idea to post someone’s email address out in a public forum without their permission.

Also, why not use the member search function of Chief Delphi to find people from those teams, and contact them via the PM feature? I know for a fact that there’s at least one member of 95 that is active.

Thanks, didn’t know about that. Is there a way for me to filter users by team, because I don’t acutally know anyone on the teams listed. First year actually using CD, so it’s good that there’s someone around who knows what’s up. As for the email thing, that makes total sense, and will edit the OP accordingly.

Members -> Search Members -> Advanced Search -> Team #

You could try


Click on each team number and look for contact info on their team website.

Contact your event RD (regional director). They will have access to the main and alternated contacts within the US FIRST system.

Whenever you send a mass email


This is a FIRST policy, and we are to respect everyone’s expectations of privacy.

I doubt the RD would give out the contact information. If a mentor wanted their contact information public, they can check a box in TIMS. It’s not an RDs place to make it public.

Also BCC of email addresses is a really good idea, but I haven’t ever heard of this being a FIRST policy.

The earlier suggestions of looking in CD and using frclinks is the best way to get contact information

I guess I got the info because I’m on the committee of the district event we are hosting, and I’m supposed to get in contact with teams. They will probably not give all that info out otherwise.

I was told directly that using BCC when email blasting is a FIRST policy.