Need tips on wiring the IR board

Hey guys, we started hooking up the IR board yesterday, and are looking for a bit of help.

We got all the appropriate wires connected, but rather messily. We soldered the pwm cables and battery wires to the appropriate pins using the ribbon cable, but… The pwm cables are about twice as large as the ribbon, cables, and theres one wire on the pwm cables that is unused (white wire on each pwm cable connects to one each of the signal outputs, each black is connected to common ground, red is hanging there). The battery wires are enormous compared to the ribbon cable (using standard backup battery + wires).

We currently have a bunch of wires going all over the place, of which all connections are soldered together then electrical taped.

Did we do this right, and is there some way to clean it up?

I’ll hopefully get a picture of this tomorrow to help.

You can “cheat” a little and use only two PWM cables. One of them will have the black and white wires for ground and one signal, with the red +5 unused. The other will carry the remaining three signals, and plug into the Robot Controller “sideways” across where the white pin of three connectors would usually go.

If we use the IR detector board, I intend to make a small “wiring concentrator” board to go next to it. All the digital input and power connections will go to that board, which will have a ribbon cable connector to bring all the signals to the matching connector on the IR board.

What we did was wire the power and ground to the fuse board exactly like the RC itseld, then just connected each signal wire to a signal port on the digital inputs. It works (for now) :slight_smile:

We hooked up everything correctly and programmed the robot to do simple functions but i m skeptical how RoboCoach is going to effect the game this year :confused:

This may help: