Need to Confirm: Bumper Height

Our team is unclear about the height of the bumpers off the floor from the bottom of the bumper can anyone confirm this for us?

As simple as its explained is 7" from the top of the bumper or the bottom of it?

The Bumper zone, as defined in Section 1, is between 1" and 7" off the floor.

Your bumpers must be entirely within that zone, according to <R07-B>.

As long as the bumpers are within that zone, it doesn’t really matter where in the zone they are.

The entire BUMPER must fit within the BUMPER ZONE. Since a BUMPER is 5" (actually plus a little bit more for the fabric and angle), that means the bottom of the BUMPER must be between 1 and 2 inches off the ground.

Read the entire <R07> for exact details on how to build the bumpers. In the end, they’ll come out 5" tall (maybe a little more, depending on your pool noodles). With the 6" bumper zone, as EricH described, that gives you a pretty exact description of how to locate them on the robot.

Does anyone happen to have a 100% sure answer to the minimum/maximum height of the bumpers from the floor?
Thank you in advance

Minimum height for the bottom of the bumper from the floor: 1"
Maximum height for the bottom of the bumper from the floor: 2" *

  • This number assumes the pool noodles and cloth wrapping them are 5" or less, as the bumper backing is required to be 5". Likely you won’t quite be able to hit 2", due to the width of the fabric and any bulge from the pool noodles you might have.

The rules simply don’t specify the distance of the bottom from the floor. As others have said above, the assembled/attached bumpers must fit between two horizontal planes at 1 and 7 inches off the floor. This allows minor variations in height of the bumper assembly(s) and their attachment mechanisms.

We typically just design to split the difference (i.e. 1/2 inch above and below the upper/lower bumper surfaces) unless we have some design reason to bias towards one limit or the other; how close you want to push it is up to you.