Need to find a team from Curie

There was a team that was in Curie this year that had a cart made out of a wheelchair base that functioned like a forklift. The number was like team 1061, I think but I’m not sure, and had orange shirts on. Can anyone confirm what I saw and what team that was? I’d like to get in touch with them to ask them about what they did.

1075. (If you need to contact them, try ChiefDelphi user 1075guy.)

Yeah… its 1075, they had one of the coolest carts that I have ever seen

Thanks. I want to contact them and find out how they built it. I already know it was the old IFI system and a busted Wheelchair base.

i dont know if youve reached 1075guy yet, but if not i might be able to answer a couple questions for you.