Need to Find Specific Sprocket! Help!

I’m trying to find a sprocket that fits the following dimesions: Outer diameter of 3.553 inches, Pitch Diameter of 3.349 with 28 teeth and fits a chain size of 35. We found a few sites however we need shipped here by wednesday! We have the FIRST sprockets however we don’t want to use them. We need something a little thicker. Any help is appreciated

What type of hub should it have? or is it hubless, with a hole of some size in the center?

There are many places that sell sprockets, but which one is best depends on how you plan to mount the sprocket.

Martin Sprocket :

If they don’t have what you want, it doesn’t exist.

And if it doesn’t exist… they can make it :slight_smile:

Not by wednesday, though. I highly recommend just finding something that will work for you at McMaster-Carr or SDP-SI. Either are highly likely to have what you need, and more importantly will ship same day if you hurry and can ship overnight.

Try Grainger. You can use will call and pick up your order at your local branch that same day, if they have everything in stock. If they don’t, they can get it and you can pick the stuff up the next day. The only issue is you need an account, they are wholesale only. You can set up an account at your local branch, or call them. They’re really good with shipping as well, but the best part is the fact they have a ton of local branches.

Other than that, if we put an order in with McMaster before 3, we get it next day with normal shipping (since their warehouse is in NJ).

For hubless, try (they have hubs for it, too). We’ve been happy with their products, and they make a 28T #35 sprocket. See here:

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