need to key a bushing, how?

We need to put a keyed bushing into our sprockets but how do we key it, the bushing will sit on the shaft, the shaft will be keyed and thats easy for it…but for the bushing, being around 1 inch long…that will be hard…we dont have a long endmill…what are other ways to do this?

…are you trying to press fit a keyed bushing into a sprocket?

If you have a hub in the sprocket then maybe you can pin all 3; shaft, bushing and sprocket.

internal key ways are very difficult to make. could you send a picture to me I might be able to give you some other good options try me at: [email protected]

look for a broach

Yes a Broach would be the best solution to your problem.

You can put an internal keyway into something thru- bore without a broach using a milling machine and an endmil that has a diameter the same width as the keyway. Plunge in the endmill in the same direction as the keyway into the material. At this point you can make this new U shaped keyway deeper than what is required to accept the key or you can file out the round edges with a hand file to get back to square. We did it this year into sprockets and they were literally identical to the broached keyways with a little bit of effort.

A broach definitely would work.