need to learn css

Can anyone point me towards a website to learn css. That would be cool, and would really help me out. Or if it is simple enough please tell me the basics at least.

At least that’s where I learned. Learning through experience usually does the trick. Make your own website and see if you can align stuff without tables.

w3schools is a great site, its where I learned xhtml/css, although for more advanced stuff I also recommend

if your willing to spend about 40 bucks you should get one of the “visual quick start guides” on css i love those books and they are layed out in a simple to learn and easy to reference way.


That site helped me learn in about 2 hours. I was quite impressed with how simple it made everything.

W3C is always a good place to look

something i like to do is go to a website, check their source to see if they link a css file, and go to the file in your browser and try to read it and match what you see in the css to what you see on their page

e.g. Look for:

<link href="main.css" rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" />

so the file would be at:

css is a good way to keep both your site and your code nice and clean.

if my site was working i would tell you to go to, but i believe i killed it this morning accidentally…

good luck!

The w3 school’s tutorial site is a great pace to start for Cascading Style Sheets, among many other languages. Just remember to stick with standard syntax, there are some extensions (especially in IE) that don’t work in all browsers. :yikes: