Need to purchase 2in mecanum wheels! Help

Our intake this year depends on 2in mecanum wheels and thrifty bot and wcproducts are both out of stock. We tried printing them but they jam up too easily. Does anyone know where we can buy them asap or if people have extras could we purchase them from you?


I would give printing another try. Check out the split wheel version of the all-in-one mecanum, the onshape files are somewhere in that thread.


Try looking around for a local company that can print them. You might get lucky and they’ll to do it for free.

What do you mean they jam easily? And do you know why? I printed a few for the first time this season, and mine needed some wearing in but they definitely worked.

We ran into the same problem, so we got these. They aren’t exactly 2", but they’re close enough.

Space Coast Products has them in stock now. They can be found here.


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Thanks for the link. Ordered!

This website has them and all FRC teams get 25% on purchase and you can have them made in team colors


How do you get the discount?

We will have our 2" vectored intake wheels available for purchase 2020-02-14T22:00:00Z. You can purchase here or at We ship with USPS Priority mail so if you order tomorrow you should have your wheels in hand by early next week.

Our mecanum wheels are back in stock. The first person to use code infiniterecharge at checkout gets 20% off their entire order. Our wheels are some of the cheapest around at less than $8 per wheel.

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It’s great seeing a new vendor come around… Anything other than a CAD rendering of the wheels your selling? Any performance data so we know what we’re getting? Are the wheels based on your own CAD, or one that’s been posted publicly? Any info about your company, as there’s no “About” page with details on your shopify site?

Cad files will be posted to the website tonight. The two owners of this company are both in FRC and this design is used in several places on our robot this year. We have tested these up to 6,000 rpm when we were prototyping our intake, and they held up fine.

We have also tested the bearing blocks on our 8,000 rpm shooter with no problems at all. Those can be found on our website as well.

Here are some pictures of the Space Coast Products ones:

They are our custom design and have been tested and iterated for the last 4 weeks.

You can download the CAD for both left and right versions here.


I have seen some rubbing issues as well with the 3d printed wheels. We found that if you scale the rollers only by 4-5% in the slicer and drill out the roller holes to size after they work perfectly.

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