Need Virtual Kit of Parts

Has anyone successfully downloaded all of the 2004 files from Buzzsaw and is it available at an alternate site?

My firewall at work will not let me access Streamline and, for some strange reason, my PC halts with an error after the first 4 bytes of any file download from Buzzsaw…

I know that some teams have made the files from last year accessable and I’m hoping that someone has done the same with this year’s files.


I successfully downloaded the entire 90 megs of parts from streamline, both at home and at school. It seems to work well for me. If you cant get it working, most parts are on

I have used Ed Sparks’ site extensively in the past. However, very few of the parts in my world (electrical) have been updated to 2004 yet.

Never mind… I now have access to Streamline. I thing their site was down yesterday… At any rate, I have the files.

Please close this thread.


I guess I am getting confused in this 4th week… When I look in Streamline, what I see is the 2003 KOP. For instance, I see a gyro (not included/allowed this year) and I do not see the BDR MAXI fuse block (which is in new to this year’s KOP).

I also see the same thing in Ed Spark’s FIRST CAD Library…

Am I missing a link? I did a search and find no one has asked the same question… Where are this year’s parts?

There is no such “complete” library of 2004 parts …

Sorry… I do what I can to save teams time by modeling many of the parts, but since I find out what’s in the kit when you do, FirstCadLibrary is never complete.

And even then, your library is always more complete and better quality than the VKOP.


I did not mean to imply that you have any responsibilities here. If you remember, I have accused you of having no life (a couple of years ago) because of all the unselfish work you have done…

I guess I’m venting more about the VKOP… It looks (at least to me) like an exact copy of last year’s with absolutely no updates.

What I’m looking for is more of a sanity check. Am I in the right directory (it says 2004) or am I looking at an archive? Because no one else has posted on this subject, I suspect it might be me…

Has anyone identified any 2004 updated part in the VKOP?