Need Wind River installer cd disks

Hey, I’m the programming captain of team 1403 and we decided to switch from LABView to C++ this season. We realized we only had the first Wind River installation disk and can’t find the second one, if any teams that are going to Ramp Riot (more info here: and are willing to let us borrow their discs for installation, that would be very helpful! Thanks in advance!

I cant remember but there was something about the second disk that made it so it was only needed on x64 bit computers i think

Try installing the first disk and see where that gets you

Inkspell is correct - you only need disk #2 for 64bit AND Win7 machines. Are you in this category?

I can ftp the disk contents to you.


Did that work?

I’ll let you guys know soon, the hurricane closed our school district for a week and I’m still without power. Thanks for responding and I’ll keep you guys updated.

My team has misplaced Disk 2 and we would appreciate it if you could provide a copy.

TeraViks, if you could ftp the contents of the second disk to me that would be much appreciated. Thanks again.

Happy to put the contents of the disk(s) anywhere, just need your ftp info. Send it to me at if you’d like.


Also need the images, for the sake that I do not have a disk drive as well as misplaced disks.