Need Wiring Information

I need a tutorial, module, document, anything at all related to wiring the IFI controller and board. I’m with team 538 and I am desperately in need of this help. Thanks to everyone.

Right now the 2006 version is down but it will be up in a bit. I’m working on a white paper for general wiring but I’m not even near done. PM me and ill be glad to help you though.

These are various resources supplied by FIRST and IFI in reguard to the control system. As always once you have crash coursed your self in the text information feel free to post questions here as you work your way through the hardware.

^ those are good. a tip of advice. take your time, lay it all out. keep it organized, labelled, easy to access and keep the mess down!! if you have to work on it, not having spaghetti to work with will save you time!