Need your buttons!

Hi guys, Team 2512 here. Over the summer we took on a new project: Collect a single button from each and every FRC team in the world. So far I think we have about 300. Obviously we need your help, if your team could send a button, big or small, new or old to our address we would be happy to add it to our collection and post it to our Mega Button Board (see attached photo)

The address is:
Duluth East Daredevils
FIRST Robotics Team 2512
116 S. 35th Ave. E.
Duluth MN 55804

Thanks for the help guys and hopefully I can update you guys on how it’s filling up!

Do you have one from team 3135? If not would a key chain work? we don’t have any buttons.

Any team trinket/gizmo/doohickey whatever you got that is relatively the same size as a button is accepted. So sure send it our way and we will put it up on the board!

How would you feel about one of our koala giveaways?

Send my your artwork, we will make you a button and send it in with ours.

Mr. B.

Looks like you have 2 of the 781 buttons, the green and white gears and the 781 symbol. Not sure if you’re planning on getting EVERY button out there or just one from every team, but I thought I’d let you know.

Did you get it at champs last year? We only use one kind of button nowadays so we don’t bust money giving out 3 buttons to every person compared to 1.

Yea! Since the picture was taken a lot of random team stuff has been added to the sides, we super glue them on usually. But whatever your team has for its pit give away ex. buttons, wristbands, koalas, ribbons send them along and we will put it up.

Also we have a spreadsheet of who we have and dont have I will try and upload that to a google docs. later today so yall can see if we have your button yet or not.

Sorry for the double post but, here is the link to the spreadsheet of the current buttons we have.

I’m a button collector, too, and I have some extra buttons from teams that aren’t my own. Would you accept these as well, or would you rather receive a team’s button from a member of that team?

But they seem to already have one. We used to have buttons but we ran out this year. They must have been one of the people that got one.

Sure we will take them!

Do you need one from Team 1410? If so, I have a few! Send me a message and I can ship one to you! :slight_smile:

306 will get a button and key chain out to you sometime next week, this is an awesome idea!

If you want a 3397 button, I can bring one to your pit at champs.

It doesn’t look like you have one from 422, I’ll have to see if I can grab you one at the next meeting.

Do you need one from 195? I will get it in the mail today if you need it.

Yup! still need one from 195

We are especially lacking on buttons from coastal states, so if any coastal teams are out there…SEND THEM IN! :smiley:

And remember to **check the spreadsheet! **Since I cant keep up with everyone asking if we have their button or not. So here is the link

Thanks again guys!

Come on guys, we went to 2 regionals together this year :wink:

If I remember I’ll drop one off at Champs.

I had buttons for 195 and team 20. I just put them in the mail for you. WAtch for a big yellow envelope :slight_smile:

I think we have one from you, it just hasn’t been updated since our last regional. But I’ll still take another one at champs!