Needed: Offseason Update to online FRC Control System Resources

Now that we’ve all gotten a full season under our belts working with the new control system and the pressure of the build season and competition is behind us, the summer/fall months are a perfect time to further create and organize the best FRC control system resources available on the Internet.

We need to create/identify more tutorials - ESPECIALLY in WindRiver C++, which are SEVERELY LACKING relative to what’s out there for LabVIEW. We need to update any and all current control system documentation (WPILib, hardware docs, programming guides…everything) is exactly that - current. We need links to updated internet video and pictures of all control system components etc. etc. etc.

A LOT of the information that already exists is scattered across literally of dozens of websites.

I’m in the process of updating the portal with current control system information. This website is an ongoing an attempt to pull the information scattered all across the internet into one useful jump point. This site has been active since the fall of 2008.

This is an example of one page I’ve been updating.

I’d like to request that all those “in the know” about the control system check out Please review the current content throughout the site. If you have any suggestions for updated or new information, videos, pictures, etc., please post them in this thread or PM me. You may also PM me with any site layout suggestions. FYI, the site is built using Google Sites functionality.

I’d also love to see more teams share their finished 2009 LabVIEW and C++ code on the FIRST forums for the benefit of all, especially for upcoming rookie teams. You may share your code in the FIRST forums Programming Showcase sub-forum: I link to this forum directly from my control system portal.

I don’t aim to reinvent the wheel; I just want to gather all the wheel’s parts in one spot so the “assembly” isn’t so daunting for newcomers.


I added a table of links to current versions of all known control system software/firmware to the main portal page, along with a few other changes.

When it comes time to teach rookies about the control system in the fall (or sooner), do YOU know how to easily find all the information and show them where it’s at? :stuck_out_tongue: Some ambitious pre-rookie teams are probably already trying to learn - is the official information organized, up to date, and easily accessible?

What do you think?