Needed: Picture of someone covered in button/pins

Hey teams,
I’m making a power point about what competition is like as part of our training sessions for new members, and i would like a picture of someone with a large amount of team buttons/pins on them to explain about trading team pins and such, who ever gives me the “best picture” will get credit in my power point


Oh geez… I need to go put my sweatshirt back on… Its COVERED in buttons. Not recent ones either… Its my “button armor”…

Quick search of CD media yielded above. I am sure you can do better though. I know I have seen someone wearing more buttons.

for example
can kinda see him he had stuff everywhere

Steve W has an amazing vest coat that he wears. It is filled with buttons. I took some photos of it from the back at the Championship while he was wearing it and also while it was hanging in the pit. It is an amazing display of buttons and very heavy. If he sees this thread, he may be able to tell us how much it weighs now.

I would be happy to share the photos I have if you want to send me your e-mail address via pm.

Cool idea.

Edit: After the Championship, Steve said the vest coat weighed in at 13.4 lbs. I think it gained some weight during the Championship - like 3 lbs. of weight. Button weight. :slight_smile:

Jane, if you have some photos post them. Believe it or not, I don’t get pictures of myself. I took over 2000 pictures at FRC events this year and I am not in one.

Hmm funny you should request this - I found the attached photo looking through Team 48 pictures from 1998 (before my time).


if you don’t mind your hairdo being ignored and your vest coat being highlighted, I’ll post a couple. Thank you, Steve.

And we have a winner with Jane/Steve’s picture of the button vest! Thanks to everyone who sent in photos

A winner already? Wow.

I uploaded 3 photos to CD and when and if they get approved you’ll be able to see them in the Image Gallery and I’ll link them in this thread as well. To say my jaw dropped when I saw the vest coat is an understatement.

Here you go. (Added to the thread for longevity’s sake.)

You guys really need to ask HOT/67 for a picture of Dave Verbrugge. His button coat goes down to his knees and weighs a ton.

Dave’s might even be bigger than mine when last I saw it.