Needed: Two people at Palmetto

(Fair warning in advance, in case it isn’t painfully clear: The following is completely independent of the Palmetto Regional, and is being run by WUSC-FM.)

As many of y’all know, I do a radio show on WUSC. Traditionally, it’s from Saturdays, 8-10 PM.

However, for Palmetto I’d like to shake things up and do a special edition of my show, The WUSC Challenge, to help promote the regional. This is where y’all come in.

Essentially, you and another contestant would show up around 7:45 to the Russell House (USC’s student union, about two or three blocks from the Colonial Center), with the show starting at eight. During the show, you’d be selecting half an hour of music from our station’s library in about half an hour. (We have all sorts of music in there–rock, ska, reggae, jazz, blues, americana, electronica, hip-hop, and world music–just no music that’s been top 40.) Both sets get played, and Columbia calls in and votes on which contestant has the better taste in music. The show ends at 10:00 PM, at which point you’re free to go.

I’m afraid I can’t offer any prizes or anything, being a stereotypical broke college student. But I guarantee it’ll be fun–I’m yet to have a contestant who didn’t enjoy it.

For more information on The WUSC Challenge:

For more information on WUSC (90.5 FM):

Your help is greatly appreciated.

(PS: If you need a chaperone to come along, it’s fine. They can even be the other contestant, if you ask fast enough. Just don’t bring the entire team, as there’s not enough room!)

i dunno if i want to be a contestant, but i might hang around for the show anyways…

Someone raised the issue of transportation, as many teams are taking buses here.

I’ll gladly provide transportation, as long as you’re somewhere I can either find myself or with Google Maps.

Your date is a little confusing. It says traditionally on Sat. 8-10 but then in your signature it’s saying Thursday 8-10. So I’m assuming you’re doing it Thursday - most folks will be half way home Saturday at 8pm.
I’d consider doing it just for the experience and the fact that I have a superior taste in music to that of my younger counter parts (seeing as how they stopped making good music at least 15 years ago :smiley: ). But I wouldn’t want to commit to it depending on the performance of our beloved Swampthings Thursday practice. We’ve got some work to do, possibly late - till pit closing. Then I’m going to stuff my face with Columbia’s finest.
Anyhow, I’m not a ham.

Ah, you caught my plug of the special edition. So good to know folks read my sig. (And yes, traditionally it is 8-10 PM on Saturdays.)

For reference, the pits at Palmetto close at 8:00 on Thursday night, with about a ten minute (that’s a liberal estimate) walk from the Colonial Center to the Russell House. If you were to leave at about 7:40, you’d get there in plenty of time.

Darn, why is houston the same week?