Needing a pressure sensor, Trade??


My team is looking to aquire another pressure sensor for our practice bot to use between now and competition time. Is anyone not using theirs, and willing to give it up? I’m sure we could work out a trade for something. Please contact me at [email protected].

Josh Vetter

I think there are two in the kit - the on/off one and the one that actually measures pressure. Which one are you after?

I sent you an e-mail. WE arn’t using our this year, so I think u can have them.

We are looking for the TI one, which measures the pressure, we have some of the others left over from past years.

Ah, so do we. That was going to be the one I might trade :wink:

Sorry, we need ours.

Ahh, oh well, thanks anyways.

I Said You Could Probably Have Ours

I know, I was just following up on the other potential offer.
Have you heard from your “authority” yet?

Seems we are still looking, anyone not using theirs want to trade?

Team 548

my team would also like one and will trade some of our extra stuff.

we have the one from this year that we plan to keep on the robot but we want an extra one to play with in the off season.