Needs Help Right here

Hey, I need some serious help with the auto programming. I just dont know where to start can anyone point me in the right direction.

Well, the other threads in the “Programming” forum and the documentation on the Innovation First website would be a good place to start.

what kinda help do you need? Like is the C language teh issue or do you have no concept for what to do and how to do it in Autonomous?

Well, One way is to do ‘dumb reckoning’: hard code directions to go through w/timing. Of course, this doesn’t even compensate for left/right, not that THAT’s difficult.

u mean dead reckoning :smiley: yea that is probably the easiest to do. i think (im not the programmer) that u need to find how far u will go with one wheel revoultion and find out how far u want to go etc etc. good luck

Well basically I want to know how to write my code for the auto program. An example if i was to use the beacon , do i just place the default beacon in there or wut exactly do I modify.

No, I mean dumb. the simplest way is no sensors and just hard-code. Execute series of instructions with timing.

So how would I go about this Dumb reckoning basically tell me the how to start im sorry but for a programmer I basically dont know anything

It’s a simple concept, and one of the easiest to do. One of my first programs was that. Of couse, I wouldn’t recomend doing for competition, but it is a method. I call it dumb because it uses NO sensory input, and when you start it, it goes until it finishes.

try something like:

const int gTime = 75;


void Default_Routine(void)
 static unsigned int i_Count;

  if (i_Count > 6*gTime)
//    Set-up for Mode 6
    i_Count = 0;
  else if (i_Count > 5*gTime)
//    Set-up for Mode 6
  else if (i_Count > 4*gTime)
//    Set-up for Mode 4
  else if (i_Count > 3*gTime)
//    Set-up for Mode 3
  else if (i_Count > 2*gTime)
//    Set-up for Mode 2
  else if (i_Count > 1*gTime)
//    Set-up for Mode 1

    i_Count = i_Count + 1;
} // END Default_Routine();

to expand this, just put in more else if’s. Be shure to put the HIGHEST first. The sample should be enough to get you started. Of course, it will loop through this forever. To get it to stop I’ll leave to YOU ;). (you can roll your eyes and be a little sarcastic when you respond to that)

If you want to know more about DEAD reckoning, check What to do with autonomous. Dead reckoning has been discussed there to the ends of posibility, then a considerate bit more.

Don’t worry, this my first year too.

p.s. Can you use periods? PLEASE?

well ive heard it called dead reckoning because ur robot has no sensor inputs so if u screw up its dead :smiley: nice post though should be a big help to all teams in need.