[NEFIRST] 2017 Tour Apparel!

Hey Teams!

NE FIRST has created a shirt design for New England’s 2017 FRC tour schedule! We have created a design and are using Bonfire to sell them in 10 different apparel options from t-shirts to sweatshirts and more (including tank tops for those ‘Suns Out Guns Out’ types).

You can order your 2017 tour shirt here: https://www.bonfire.com/2017-new-england-first-apparel/

Any questions or comments please email us at [email protected]

Thanks and good luck to all teams this season!!


i feel as though Suffield Shakedown needs to be listed as well.

i realize it isn’t an official NE First event, maybe list it in a Barry Bonds fashion*

What about the other 3826193738299 Offseason events in NE?

Can’t list one without 'em all.

totally agree, but i have often looked at suffield as the unofficial official start to the event season at least here in CT.

exactly how small would the font have to be to list all the ne events??? lol

We just got ours in alliance colors!