Has there been anything released about how large the pits will be in 2014 for the NE region? I think it’s been 9’ x 9’ in the past, but I don’t know if that will change.


Nothing has been released from NEFIRST in regard to pit size. In the past, FIRST rules have specified an area approximately 10’ x 10’ x 10’, however the actual length and width of the pit is dependent on the venue and specific event. The rules did state that pit structures should never exceed 10’ tall.

Like usual, this will probably vary from event to event. However, logically one could assume that for the event in Maine and WPI, that they’ll be whatever they were when those two places hosted regionals. Also, the Northeastern district should be very similar to the Beantown Blitz.

From experience with MAR, I would say usually they (even in HS gyms) wer 10x10, however there have been events that were 9x9(and 9x11 at MAR Championships this past year).

(and personally I always viewed pit design as something that should never exceed 9x9 just to be safe)

Yeah, I’ll plan for 9 x 9 and if we end up with an extra few inches, we’ll just have some buffer room. Thanks guys!

Initial plans for the CT Shoreline District (Groton, week 3) have the pits at 9’ wide and 10’ deep. The Fire Marshall still has to approve things in a walk-through, so we figure go for the 10’, and if we need to push back a foot well do it then.

I think this might be the norm, considering most events are in a school’s gymnasium which tend to be about the same size. 10’ wide made it impossible to fit any more than 28 pits. Currently, we have 32 at 9 x 10, plus 2 in corners at 8 x 12, and an overflow area in an adjacent hallway, with up to 8 more at 9x 10.

Would you consider allowing teams to “opt-in” to the 8x12 pit sizes? That’s something I’ve always wanted to see at events with differing pit sizes.

I’m honestly not sure if that’s a decision we (host school) will make.

Groton event is Week 2, not week 3. d’oh!