NEFirst Videos

It seems that since all the past competitions NEFirst has stopped uploading them to YouTube! Is there any place that I can find them? Does anyone know? Besides the Nashua competition I haven’t really seen any uploaded

See this thread:

man still cant find UNH videos :frowning:

Hopefully the issues with retrieving the videos from the AV setup gets fixed for WPI next week if not it would be great if we could come up with an alternative solution so we don’t loose some of the best matches in NE.

Can’t find Pinetree or UNH… :frowning: is there anywhere where i can get the raw footage?

The hard drives that the match videos are stored on are still in the process of getting to our volunteer that uploads them to our YouTube account. Please be patient, and in the meantime, check out teams that have uploaded their own videos of matches. 1519 has a lot of match footage on their YouTube page, and I believe I saw 2877 doing a lot of filming at NEU.

Pine Tree and NEU both had different AV providers, so there is a chance their matches weren’t recorded.

As stated above, please see the this thread for the most up to date information regarding NE match video.

Please keep all NE match video discussion to this thread. I’m only one guy and I can’t keep track of a bunch of different threads.