NEforecast 2017: Week 5 Pine Tree

NEforecast: Pine Tree Event, March 30 - April 1, 2017
Team List:

**Top Teams: **

**5687 - **Nobody should be surprised to see 5687 sitting as our top team for this event. While some communication and wiring issues saw them finish just short of a blue banner at Greater Boston, the Outliers still dominated the field with their gear-manipulating prowess, consistent climb, and efficient strategies. Ironing out any remaining issues will happen early on in the competition, so we expect them to captain an alliance deep into eliminations in their home state.

**125 - **Traveling up to Maine for their fourth event of the season, the Nutrons are looking to make use of their extra event to prepare their robot for the NE DCMP. 42 official matches and plenty of hours on the practice field definitely take a toll on a robot, and played an unfortunate role in this team’s semifinal elimination at Rhode Island. 125’s crew will dig deep into their robot at Pine Tree to eliminate any remaining drivetrain and electrical issues so their fuel-scoring monster can be at peak performance for NE DCMP!

**1519 - **Due to only two New England district competitions not competing on Sunday, Mechanical Mayhem is trekking up to Maine for their second year in a row, and are looking for a repeat performance. As always, 1519 produced another strong robot that fits on any alliance; their active-drop gear mechanism and hopper-based fuel shooting leave them with a lot of strategical options. Increasing the top speed of their slide drivetrain might take some time to get used to, but will allow this team to dodge all the mayhem thrown their way come eliminations.

**133 - **For the second year in a row, 133 showed a lot of promise through North Shore, but left the elimination bracket with disappointing results. Their single-stream high boiler shooter and well-practiced passive gear mechanism made them an obvious first choice at Reading, but missing a crucial climb and lodging a gear in their hopper saw them suffer a major upset. If they can utilize their unbag time and second robot to fine-tune their autonomous routines and perfect the climb, B.E.R.T. will likely earn all of the district points they need to qualify for NEDCMP.

**Honorable Mentions: **

**4564 - **After some very close matches at North Shore, Orange Chaos seeded 1st, but ended their eliminations run in quarterfinals. While a new ball agitator and improved climber will definitely improve their scoring potential, they’ll have to focus on achieving consistency if they want more success late on Saturday.

**348 - **Another 1st seed finisher who saw an early out in quarterfinals, Norwell Robotics is going into their third event looking for another strong performance. While their robot is simple, they utilize every mechanism to its full potential. Improving their climber and line-up speeds will see them continue as a strong contender.

**4041 - **The Iron Tigers are coming into Pine Tree strong, and are looking to earn their first berth in the NEDCMP since districts was implemented in New England. Their robot features a strong passive gear mechanism, as well as multiple ways to collect and score fuel, making them a very versatile partner.

**2648 - **One of the only turret-less teams to focus on high boiler scoring, you can’t argue with Infinite Loop’s strong performances in Steamworks. While they may not be the top picks at their events, they always prove their worth with through boiler scores, heavy defense, and a quick climb. With all of Pine Tree to speed up and perfect their hopper-collecting autonomous routine, Infinite Loop will continue to cement themselves as a top fuel robot.

**4906 - **At an event with few ground-gear pickups, The Collective is ready to shine. Consistency is 4906’s game, and whether it’s running full-field for gears or cleaning up around the lift pegs, they always find plenty of gears to score and then latch on for a climb at the end of the match.

Chairman’s Top Teams:

**1519: **Winning the 2016 NEDCMP Chairman’s award, and Engineering Inspiration in 2014 & 2016, 1519’s outstanding FLL outreach, multitudes of demonstrations, and much more, could help them to win the Chairman’s Award at Pine Tree.

**166: **With their first District Chairman’s Award win in 2016, 166 continues to expand their outreach adding FIRST Helps now! available to FIRST teams around the world, as well as continuing their offseason event, lego camps, and more. FRC 166 could bring home the Chairman’s Award.

**Chairman’s Dark Horse: **

**172: **Winning the 2016 NEDCMP EI award, 172 is improving their outreach and assisting others through the community.

**3930: **Winning Engineering Inspiration in 2015, 3930 is a role model for teams in FIRST.

Thanks for the shoutout! 2648 has been working hard to really dial in our shooter the last few weeks, hopefully we will be able to hit the elusive 40kpa mark a few times this weekend!