NEforecast 2018: Week 1 Granite State

**NEforecast: Granite State Event, March 2 - March 4, 2018
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Ask and you shall receive, here’s our analysis for GSD! The second week one event in New England, the Granite State District Event has been a mainstay of New England events for years. After some scheduling snafus, Granite State has returned to Windham for the third year in a row, with hopes of a smoother run than past years. With our favorite FTA Derek heading up the charge, we definitely think this will be an excellent event for all attending.

While the field at GSD doesn’t seem to be as deep as the field at WPI, it will still be a competitive event. Climbing and Facing The Boss will definitely be an aspect to keep an eye on. We know for a fact that there will be team(s) sporting dual static ramps, and there have been rumors of other teams making some after-bag changes to hoist up their alliance partners. This will make for a great case study as to what climbing strategy ensures the most RPs and is the most time efficient. If you’re planning on using your withholding allowance to ensure some extra RPs at your later events, queue up GSD on your watch list.

Besides that, GSD will play much the same as we predicted for WPI, with a few strong teams controlling the scales and switches while the rest fit into more support roles in the Exchange. Make sure to leave your thoughts down below, and share your opinions in the poll above! See you at the competition!

**Top Teams:
95 - Team 95 is hopping into Granite State with colors ablaze. Their easily-recognizable robot is sporting a unique chain-based intake system and two static ramps for their partners, making them more than capable of playing every aspect of Power Up. If their partners can consistent ascend their ramps, 95 will easily take the #1 seed and make a deep eliminations run.

1058 - Coming off of their first division win in team history, the PVC Pirates will be looking to steal a spot in the top 8 on Saturday. Team 1058 is known for early starts in week one events usually after a big change in design or strategy during Week 0. Without attending a Week 0 event this year however, it will be interesting to see how fast they get started in Windham, but a deep playoff run will most likely happen regardless.

5687 - This year the Outliers went all in, and it showed at Week Zero. A combination four bar + linear elevator can give them the potential to dominate at GSD, but questions about finer software control and electrical issues on the field at Week Zero may present issues as this seasoned team sorts out the details of a complex strategy.

238 - After winning the Manchester Week Zero event, 238 is looking to start a streak of event wins in the 2018 season. Their simple and very effective intake/elevator system allowed them easy control of the scale and switch, so their flexibility and consistency will see them going far on Saturday.

**Potential Power-Players:
131 - Even though they haven’t reached finals since a strong 2014 season, everyone knows to watch out for CHAOS. They’re one of New Hampshire’s most consistent performers, and it’s simply a matter of time before they add another banner to their collection.

1073 - 2 Blue Banners and a division finalist performance last season have turned a lot of heads towards The FORCE Team for the 2018 Power Up season. With a side-drop off, a singular climb and a strong intake, 1073 seems to be returning to their supportive role that served them so well last year.

811 - As one of the first double reverse four bar teams to hit the competition field, it was certainly interesting to watch 811 collect power cubes and place them into the scale. With a little more practice on the controls, the Cardinals can definitely utilize their rather unorthodox design to great success.

885 - This small Vermont team certainly deserves a shout-out after the efforts they put in during the 2017 offseason. After building a new robot, The Green Team attended as many offseason events as possible, and were rewarded for their efforts with their first event win. 885 will be pushing really hard to put a well-deserved blue banner into their trophy rack at GSD.

**Chairman’s Top Teams:
**1058: Through numerous demonstrations, community events, and their outstanding student leadership organization, Team 1058 could take home the 2018 GSD Chairman’s Award blue banner.

3930: Recently mentoring a team in China, attending numerous community events, and promoting STEM to children through FLL, 3930 is one of the top contenders for the 2018 GSD Chairman’s award.

**Chairman’s Darkhorses:
811: Being a previous 2014 NEDCMP Chairman’s Award Winner, Team 811 could be the 2018 GSD Chairman’s Winner.

Looks like an awesome event. Can’t wait to watch the stream!

As my first official event as an alum, it’ll be weird not competing with 1073. Looking like it’s going to be a great event!

Honestly a little terrified to be mentioned in the same section as two teams who were on Einstein last year. 95 is excited to compete this weekend!

I always look forward to seeing your predictions for the event and am pleased at how accurate they are. Congrats to 5687, 238, and 1517 on their victory. Also big congratulations to my former team and our sister team 3930 on their first chairmans award. From when I was on the team I know it was well deserved.