NEforecast 2019: Greater Boston Event

NEforecast: Greater Boston District Event, March 22 - March 24, 2019

The Blue Alliance:

Who is your favorite of this week’s Top Teams?

  • 5687, The Outliers
  • 125, NUTRONS
  • 4909, Bionics
  • 1474, Titans

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Week 4 has arrived, and with it come three events to choose from! Lots for you to watch or participate in, and a lot for use to write about. The events are pretty wide-spread, feature one in Massachusetts, one in “Massachusetts” (Springfield is basically Connecticut, look at the team list!) and the only Rhode Island event of the year. Most teams have already completed their first play, so now is the time to upgrade your robots, lock in your superior strategies, and scramble for the remaining District Points needed to qualify for NEDCMP.

As the smallest event of the year, the Greater Boston District Event in Revere, Massachusetts features an interesting team list. Only 10 of the 28 teams have played in eliminations so far this year, so most teams will be selected for the first time. The metagame of Destination: Deep Space still remains relatively unchanged, with the prevailing strategy to be filling the cargo ship and then hitting the lowest scoring positions on the rockets. There has been a notable uptick in the number of teams hunting for the rocket RP, but with only a few teams really capable of scoring 6 or more game pieces on the rockets, Greater Boston will be very cargo-ship heavy. As always, Hab 3 climbing guarantees more wins and a high rank, so the few Hab 3 climbers here will reign at the top. Come eliminations, expect some very heavy (and probably penalty heavy) defense as weaker alliances send a robot to slow the opposing alliance down.

Also, we’re not entirely sure which event is going to be on which stream, so we guessed. Whoops.

Top Teams:

5687, The Outliers: After a strong win at Granite State to start their season, the Outliers are looking for Greater Boston to be their 5th district event win in a row. Ditching the suction cup salad bowl was an excellent choice, as 5687’s new roller-based cargo intake allowed them to fill cargo ships with ease. They’ve undoubtedly been practicing for the last three weeks so this team will be looking to take down rockets with improved hatch cycles and will continue to end each match on Hab 3.

125, NUTRONS: With 31 matches and a trip to New York under their belts, the NUTRONS are coming back home hungry for a blue banner. Improved arm control and intake systems saw Team 125 scoring even more hatch panels and cargo than before. They’ll likely be looking for ways to further improve their cargo abilities and add a Hab 2 or Hab 3 climbing system, so look for this robot to be sporting some new changes as they chase a win in their hometown.

4909, Bionics: An early out in North Shore doesn’t do this robot justice. Great control over hatch panels and some speedy cargo cycles were overshadowed by the Hab 3 climbing issues that plagued them all event. With a full week to devise a way to keep their robot from extending over the 6’ 6” limit, 4909 will also be sporting some new tweaks. If they can make it all mesh, the Bionics will end up at the top of the pack and leave their mark in Beantown.

1474, Titans: Simple is good, and simple is what 1474 went for this year. By building an “everybot” style robot and getting in good practice hours, the Titans ranked 2nd at North Shore and earned their first judged robot award ever. While being ousted in QFs wasn’t ideal, this team is still on the path to have a breakout year, so they’ll be fighting extra hard at Greater Boston to earn some district points and qualify for their first NEDCMP. Their quick Hab 2 climb might get overlooked, but is an important ability to keep in mind.

Honorable Mentions:

1768, RoboChiefs: Beautiful robots with crazy-high potential is the best way to describe the RoboChief’s creations. Trekking down to New Jersey for their first play was a very smart move, as they’ve now had a full competition to squash bugs and determine what needs to be improved for their New England debut. Team 1768 primarily stuck to hatches while in NJ, and if they want to be a captain at Greater Boston, they’ll have to get their Hab 3 climber working and continue to improve their cycle efficiency.

4311, Swampscott Currents: If you’re looking for a robot to run low hatch panels, the Swampscott Currents is what you need. As a purely hatch-focused robot, team 4311 partners well with anyone who focuses on cargo, and has a nice Hab 2 climb to boot. They might not stand out with flashy mechanisms, but they can certainly put points on the board and will be an important player in the elimination rounds.

1721, Tidal Force: Another ocean-related team and another excellent hatch runner. With the ability to place hatches at all 3 levels, Tidal Force can very quickly plug up all of the rocket ship holes and let their partners do the rest. When everything is working and aligned, their cycles are some of the fastest in the competition, so we’re hoping they keep everything firing on all cylinders and end up deep in the playoffs.

Special rookie shoutout to Team 7795, Norse Code and Team 7822, Generals Robotics.


Thanks for the great forecast! I’m really looking forward to seeing if 125 and 5687 will end up on an alliance together for the first time since 2017 (and 6529!)

Great list of teams! Neat to see 1474 making strides this season with a new strategy that is paying off!

Thanks for making these. I don’t the time I once did to research the NE field in depth or pre-scout events. Great resource to stay up to date on NE teams!

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