NEforecast 2019: Rhode Island Event

NEforecast: Rhode Island District Event, March 22 - March 24, 2019

The Blue Alliance:
Webcast: (???)

Who is your favorite of this week’s Top Teams?

  • 133, B.E.R.T.
  • 2168, Aluminum Falcons
  • 78, AIR STRIKE
  • 1153, Walpole Robotics Revolution
  • 190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D.

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The only Rhode Island event of the year has arrived! It might be toting a small field at only 29 teams, but that has done little to affect the perceived competitiveness of this event. As expected of a Week 4 event, many of these teams have completed their first play. However, some notable teams will be making their first appearance, making our forecasting job just a little more difficult.

With the #1, #2, #3, #5, and #7 seeds of the SE Mass event all in attendance, as well as the #1 seed of Southern NH, this event has far more firepower than you may think after a first glance. Destination: Deep Space is still a very cargo ship-centric game at most events, but the number of strong teams at Rhode Island means that scoring on the rocket ships will be necessary to outscore an opposing alliance in the elimination rounds. If there are some lucky qualifications pairings, completing rockets for the RP will be the surefire outcome. As always, a Hab 3 climber will be a feature on almost all of the top-ranked robots, but they’ll have to be sporting some quality scoring mechanisms if they want to make it out of quarterfinals. And, of course, expect some famous New England defense focused on each alliance’s most potent robot!

Webcast link may be wrong, as there are three events and only two dedicated twitch channels. Hmm…

Top Teams:

133, B.E.R.T.: It should come as no shock that Team 133 is at the top of our list, but why they’re down in Rhode Island… who knows! A stellar performance at Southern NH saw them easily grab the top seed, and while the finals were quite the drawn-out fight, they ultimately reigned supreme and took home the blue banner. Their barbed hatch mechanism and 2018-like cargo mechanism are some of the simplest in the game, yet their ability to almost solo a rocket shows just how well the entire robot is executed. We wouldn’t be surprised to see them complete a rocket if left undefended, and with their Hab 3 climber launching them to the top platform, another finals run is almost a guarantee.

2168, Aluminum Falcons: If there’s a team synonymous with stealing district points from FMA, it’s Team 2168, and they did it again this year! Returning from Pennsylvania with their second blue banner in two weekends, the Aluminum Falcons’ robot “Mountain Momma” has been firing on all cylinders and whipping around the competition field. When you’re able to score 8-10 game pieces, avoid defense, and quickly get onto Hab 2, what more can you really do to improve? We’ll found out at Rhode Island, as they go for a blue banner hat trick!

78, AIR STRIKE: After multiple finalists appearances in Power Up left the AIR STRIKE team craving a win, they brought the inTENsity and showed everyone how it’s done in SE Mass. Team 78’s top-notch cargo intake, coupled with their low hatch mechanism and Hab 3 climber, saw them nab the #1 seed and crush opposing alliances on their path to victory. We’re sure their cycle times will be even faster at Rhode Island, and they’ll undoubtedly have a better way to keep their robot on the Hab 3 platform after an unfortunate tumble in F2. Get ready for the AIR STRIKE to rumble through the elimination rounds of Rhode Island!

1153, Walpole Robotics Revolution: Small robot zips around, small robot scores lots of points. Pretty basic formula that Team 1153 has mastered in Destination: Deep Space. After changing up their cargo intake to feature flaps instead of wheels and adding a very clever Hab 3 climbing system, the Walpole Revolution earned a top rank and almost a berth in the finals of SE Mass. They’ll likely be looking to further improve this intake to make their cargo dropoff more consistent, and if they do, a spot in the finals is even more likely for this excellent squad.

190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D.: You might not know this, but 190 has also been a #1 seed this year! A strong showing in Virginia netted them a semifinalist finish in in Portsmouth, VA in Week 3. Now they’re back in their home district and ready to show everyone why their consistent cargo cycles and Hab 3 climb made them a top contender down south. Their robot isn’t the speediest on the field, but it will be a very important robot come eliminations with its ability to score upwards of 6 cargo and climb.

Honorable Mentions:

716, Who’sCTEKS: This is another robot with an impressive ability to destroy a cargo ship. While Team 716’s elimination run ended in the semifinals as they focused on placing hatches for their alliance partners, the Who’sCTEKS will shine in Rhode Island if they can stick to cargo. Their cargo arm makes cargo ship drop-offs an almost guaranteed transfer, so any smart alliance will let Team 716 run rampant on the ships while they focus on rocket scoring.

3236, TRIFORCE: This team puts consistent points on the board, there’s not a whole lot else to say! Team 3236 plays smart and can score cargo and hatch panels at all 3 heights. Their cycle times could be shorter - their cargo intake arm doesn’t have the fastest rotation - but a few small tweaks for Rhode Island will see this team captain an alliance once more.

2067, Apple Pi: One of the biggest wild cards for Rhode Island is Apple Pi. After being a late pick in Waterbury, Team 2067 showed a lot of promise. A swerve drive, wide cargo intake, and Hab 3 climb sound like a Top 8 team to us, so all it needs is practice. If Apple Pi has been able to refine their robot further and get in some practice time, they won’t be a late-round pick in Rhode Island!

5846, SouthCoast Corsairs: While they generally flew under the radar at SE Mass, the SouthCoast Corsairs have put together what is arguably their best robot to date. Their low-focused robot can easily score 4 or 5 cargo balls with some hatch panels mixed in, so they’ll be a great partner for anyone looking to finish up a cargo ship. This very solid robot will certainly be making an appearance in eliminations on Sunday.

There aren’t any rookies at Rhode Island, so we don’t we’ll give this special shoutout to everyone reading! Thanks for your support!


Western NE when???

Our Western NE writers say tomorrow morning(ish)! Sorry, three writeups is a lot to handle.

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All good! Thanks for the quick reply, it’s def a lot of work so no problem. I love these, thanks for puttin them out :slight_smile:

The biggest wildcard there, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

716 appreciates the shout out, excited to compete and fill up some rockets and cargoships with all the robots attending this stacked event. Will be more then just a few unicorn matches for sure


@NEforecast Thank you again for the mention. The students have been phenomenal this year working to make our best better and they are excited for the recognition.

We’ve got some new software tweaks to hopefully prevent any more ‘tumbles’. We can’t wait to take the field again this weekend!

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