NEforecast 2019: Week 3 Southern NH

NEforecast: Southern NH District Event, March 15 - March 17, 2019

The Blue Alliance:

Who is your favorite of this week’s Top Teams?

  • 133
  • 319
  • 1058
  • 1729

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Week Three in the New England district focuses largely on the northern half of the region, with the Southern NH District Event in Bedford, NH and the North Shore District Event in Reading, MA. As a result a lot of this week’s usual players have been shuffled around, with three of the four Top Teams at SNH this year competing at the North Shore event last year. This makes for a slightly more shallow field than in past weeks and especially compared to the Granite State Event, but that definitely won’t stop the increases in competitveness we’ve been expecting as the season plays on.

The value of the Hab 3 climb is still quite strong, and after Week 2 it’s obvious that there is a strong correlation between a team’s hab climb performance and their ranking. That said, the value of being able to solo a rocket is also growing steadily given the increased frequency of the rocket Ranking Point, with teams nearing and passing 3-RP averages during week 2 in several events. Expect defense to become a primary factor in less offense-focused teams’ qualification strategies this week as the top offensive players become hungry for their fourth Ranking Point from the rocket.

Top Teams:

133, B.E.R.T. : If you haven’t seen videos of this robot in action, you’ve been missing out. As always, 133 has managed to keep their robot mechanically simple yet deadly effective, and it shines through in their ability to quickly acquire and score both hatches and cargo. A very clean Hab 3 climbing system is tucked underneath their drivetrain and will allow them to end each match above the pack and gain an extra Ranking Point. With all of these impressive engineering feats packaged into one robot, it’ll be no surprise when B.E.R.T. soars to the top of the rankings and goes deep into the elimination rounds on Sunday.

319, Big Bad Bob: Coming back from a little vacation in Pennsylvania, Team 319 has been field-tested for impressive performances. With a robot that looks like 254’s 2018 robot with a 95-style hatch mechanism, Big Bad Bob has taken inspiration from the best and integrated it into a machine built for fast cycles. Team 319 has also inspired others - their elevator design, which allows for the intermediate stage to pass through the bellypan and act as a lifting stilt, has been mirrored by many teams. With all of this scoring potential, all Big Bad Bob needs is the right alliance partners to take home a blue banner.

1058, PVC Pirates: After what could be considered an off-year in 2018, the PVC Pirates are looking to bounce back with a rather unorthodox design. While the cargo intake and 3D-printed hatch mechanism they sport are all well and good, the really interesting features of this robot all reside in their climbing strategy. A unique triangular lifting device allows Team 1058 to propel themselves onto Hab 3 easily, but what they do once they’re up there… well, we’ll have to wait and see if it works. If it does, the PVC Pirates will be riding the high seas to a high seed.

1729, Team Inconceivable!: An early out at Granite State may prompt you to overlook this robot, but that would be a mistake. With a great cargo intake and a floor hatch pickup that was showing some promise, as well as a Hab 3 Climber, Team 1729 has all of the makings of a high-tier robot. There are still some mechanical and code bugs to work out, but once Team Inconceivable starts firing on all cylinders, they’ll be leaving behind a path of high-scoring matches and lots of bonus Ranking Points.

Honorable Mentions:

131, C.H.A.O.S. : Sporting one of the coolest arms we’ve seen this year, Team 131 has a robot that we can’t resist writing about. The extending arm, paired with a wild-looking PVC cargo system and a small hatch mechanism, is both out-of-the-box and effective. With some practice and some further controls refinement, C.H.A.O.S. will be able to hit the field and lay down some serious cargo and hatch scoring.

4041, Iron Tigers: In their first event of the year, Team 4041 is looking to utilize their unique claw to make their way to the top. Their three-pronged claw opens to grab the inside of hatch panels, and can open wide and then clamp onto unsuspecting cargo. A 3-stage elevator allows the robot to reach extremely high, and a HAB 3 climbing system opens the Iron Tigers up to a lot of extra Ranking Points. If they’re consistent with their climbs, 4041 will surely be leading the pack come eliminations.

166, Chop Shop: This team also took a vacation, but went all the way down to Georgia to do so! In their first New England event of the year, Chop Shop will be scoring left and right with their flip-over elevator dedicated to hatch panels. The metagame is currently focused on cargo, though, so while Chop Shop will be one of the best hatch scoring robots at the event, we’ll have to see how this affects their ranking and eventual eliminations alliance.

126, Gael Force: This team is sweeping into Southern NH with a… shark? Sporting a 6-wheel plaction drivetrain and a cargo claw on an elevator, Gael Force will fit right in the with cargo-based metagame we’ve seen the past two weekends. They’ll also be capable of playing some excellent positional and pushing defense, so Team 126 will be a very valuable addition to any alliance.


Northshore predicition coming?

Yes. It should be up later today.

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Thanks for the shoutout! 166 will have a cargo manipulator at this event. We simply ran out of time for Georgia.

Thanks for the kind words! 319 is hyped for Southern NH! We’ve been iterating like crazy and are much happier with our level 3 climb now.


Great to see 1729 getting some love. A fun team to drive with that’s been improving nicely since 2017!

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Looks like SoNH district is going to be an exciting event!
See you there!

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We meant to add them to this forecast, but since the 24 hours is up we’re unable to edit our original post, so to add one more to our Honorable Mentions:

509, Red Storm: If you’re looking for a solid robot to put points on the board, Team 509 will do the job quite well. A claw and elevator combo allows them to acquire cargo from the Human Loading station as well as from the floor, and a quick Hab 2 climb scores late points and sets them above the pack. They may not rank in the top 8, but they’re a very consistent contender.

I can’t wait to see 133 in action! The tight race for most blue banners in Maine continues.

That’s a pretty sweet climber BOB!

Thanks for the super kind words! It’s been an intensely fun event and we’re loving all great gameplay that we’re seeing.


This is quite an event to watch! Beautiful unicorns all around! I can’t wait for the playoffs!

Lots of lvl 3 climbers out there!

What a weekend!

A shout out to the #2 seed, you were incredible opponents!
1922 Oz-ram, 1729 Team Inconceivable! and 1277 The Robotomies.

Well played… well played!

Special thanks to our alliance partners helping us with the W:
319 Big Bad Bob, 885 Robovines and our back up team 6324 The Blue Devils.


I’d say these predictions were pretty solid. Super proud of our alliance partners 1729 for all their amazing work at the comp, and I hope to see see great things from them at District Champs and beyond. 1277 was also an amazing alliance partner, and we couldn’t have gotten as far as we did without their stellar defense. Everyone did an amazing job, and the #1 alliance worked hard for that win and definitely deserved it. Super excited to see where all these teams go!


Thanks for all the kind words! @BriFRC, it was super fun playing with you and 1277! Thank you for choosing us. And @TedG , playing against 319 BOB, 885 Robovines and 6324 The Blue Devils was wonderfully exciting. It’s Wednesday and I think my voice has finally recovered from all the cheering. I think we’ll see all of you at District Champs.

In case anyone here isn’t obsessively checking TBA, we had so much fun we signed up for Pine Tree too. :smiley:

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Look forward to seeing you there!

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