NEforecast 2019: Week 5 UNH

NEforecast: UNH District Event, March 29 - March 31, 2019
The Blue Alliance:

While Central Mass may be the star-studded event of New England’s Week 5, don’t be fooled into thinking UNH won’t have some of the most intense matches we’ve seen so far! The Whittemore Arena is one of, if not the best venue in the six-week season of events in the district, with plenty of seating and a spacious pit area conducive to an enjoyable and exciting event. At this point, UNH is the second play for almost all teams in attendance, so expect plenty of increases in competitiveness over earlier weeks.

As we’ve seen in the week 3 and 4 districts, the elusive rocket RP is becoming more and more common among teams looking to find qualification success, and being able to solo a rocket even only sometimes generally means a high seed. With that said, not a single event in the New England district has had a team with a 3RP average or higher during the qualifications, meaning that if a team can go undefeated and secure a hab3 climb every match, they have a very strong likelihood of a top seed. Very few teams at UNH have demonstrated the reliability and capability that is needed to maintain a 3RP average, but with many iterations and improvements for most teams in attendance now complete we can expect a riveting playoff bracket come Sunday.

Who is your favorite of this week’s Top Teams?

  • 319
  • 2370
  • 1058
  • 69
  • 1922

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Top Teams:

319, Big Bad Bob: After squeaking out a win in week 3 after 4 finals matches at the Southern New Hampshire Event, Big Bad Bob will likely be looking to hand out a more decisive victory at UNH. A fast and efficient elevator coupled with a unique pass-through cargo system will see 319 speed up their game piece cycles and get closer to securing a rocket rank point by themselves. With their spot at the New England district championship already all but picked up, watch out for Big Bad Bob to come out firing on all cylinders and making a deep playoff run.

2370, IBOTS: After a strong opening at Western New England The IBOTS are looking to continue the success they had last weekend. Though their cycle times are close to other top tier teams their inability to hit the top level of the rocket makes it hard for them to lead themselves to bonus RPs. Usually choosing to score one hatch in auto then prioritize cargo for the rest of the match Team 2370 falls into the cargo bot archetype. Coupled with a consistent level 3 climb this Vermont based team is a strong addition to any top 4 alliance.

1058, PVC Pirates: After an early out in the quarters at Southern NH, these Pirates are looking to make small iterations go a long way. Most of their time was spent working the cargo ship with minimal emphasis placed on hatches, but if they desire to be a top contender for the fourth ranking point they’ll need to start improving their hatch game. With one of the more reliable hab3 climbs going into this weekend, it’s likely they’ll still be quite the desirable pick come eliminations, especially if they can finalize their partner lift.

69, HYPER: One of New England’s oldest teams is returning to their old form and has produced quite the competitive robot. With one of the most responsive and well-driven mecanum drives in the game, Team 69 has no problem strafing around the field and using their suction system to score game pieces. Their cycle times could use some work, but if they can get their vision tracking smoothed out, speedy cycles and their Hab 3 climb will see them make another deep eliminations run.

1922, Oz-Ram: Team 1922 is looking to harvest a little more magic from the land of Oz this year. Taking 133, 319, and 6324 to 4 matches in the finals at the Southern New Hampshire event is no joke, and they want to keep the ball rolling all the way through to the District Championship. A strong level one hatch contender with a level three climb, they find themselves filling a unique niche that even late in the season has created desirability for their team. Expect Oz-Ram to play late come Sunday’s eliminations.

Honorable Mentions:

811, Cardinals: Competing for the first time since the Granite State district event, 811 is looking to punch their ticket to the New England District Championship this weekend at Whittemore. A very effective elevator with a simple hatch and cargo manipulator on it will allow the Cardinals to put up points fast. A mecanum drivetrain will allow 811 to be able to strafe into position to deposit cargo into the cargo hold, and easily line up hatches for the rocket. Watch for 811 to be a solid performer in the playoff rounds and most likely captain their own powerful alliance.

238, Crusaders: While the Crusaders are very much a cargo-only robot, they make it look good. Scoring easily at every level of the rocket and in the cargo ship, they play a key role in winning matches and gaining a high seed. 238’s fast 6 wheel drive will allow them to escape any defense and slip under the radar at UNH, but expect them to start making a lot of impact during the playoff rounds.

151, Tough Techs: In a year of growth, 151 played smart in Week 3 focusing on simplicity to accomplish three levels of the game consistently with Level 1 Hatches, Low Cargo, and Hab 2 Endgame parking. Their skills earned them a well-deserved spot in eliminations where playing hybrid roles of offense and defense against the #2 alliance. Expect this team to make a stronger stride this weekend as their drivers can hit the ground running from the opening matches at UNH and leave their mark on the rankings.


Thanks for the kind words! We always look forward to UNH as a venue, and we’re expecting a great event. Good luck to everybody and we’ll see you there.

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Good luck to all of the teams that are participating at the event. Can’t wait to play at this event.

Was just watching video and saw something that I never imagined would be possible! Congrats to 1757, 3597, and 5962 for managing a feat that I haven’t seen anywhere else in QF2-8:

I’d love to watch the finals matches, but haven’t yet found match-by-match video; I’m very curious as to what happened in Finals 2 to result in the blue alliance receiving 45 points of fouls – guess I’ll need to dive into the Twitch stream…

I saw this live (via Twitch) and was blown away too.

Believe me the double ramp was just as amazing in person. Probably one of my favorite things about the entire events. Slightly salty that they beat us Rotherham double climb, but it’s so amazing I don’t even care.

That was amazing to see. The crowd went wild. It was like seeing a unicorn.

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Re finals 2. It is my understanding that 885’s camera came loose and was coming in and out of their frame perimeter while in the opponents zone. It was dangling by the Ethernet cable. Must have swung in and out multiple times.
Disclaimer: not an official explanation

Also: congratulations to 2370,1922 and 6691 an amazing alliance. Watching the progression of their double climb combination of the course of playoffs was fun to watch.
Look forward to seeing them at wpi in a couple of weeks!


Thanks! Took us awhile but we pulled it off in the end.

Can confirm, 885’s camera broke loose while defending and every time they stopped or bumped into something it went beyond their perimeter. We noticed the ref waving a bunch, but it was our scouts who told us what happened.

Those guys can play some serious defense.


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