NEforecast 2019: Week 6 Hartford

NEforecast: Hartford District Event, April 5 - April 7, 2019

The Blue Alliance:

Who is your favorite of this week’s Top Teams?

  • 177, Bobcat Robotics
  • 195, CyberKnights
  • 230, The Gaelhawks
  • 558, Elm City Robo Squad
  • 190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D.

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Wow! We can’t believe we’ve already gotten here, but we’re 2 days away from the last weekend of our district events before we launch into District Championships. It feels like just yesterday we were wrapping our brains around how to get to the level 3 of the HAB. But, with that nostalgia-based trip out of the way, it’s time to travel to the capital city of Connecticut for the Hartford District Event! We don’t want to start a North vs. South civil war here, but we think this is the first time in the New England Districts history that Connecticut doesn’t seem poised to be the driving competitor at DCMP. With one weekend left, however, we’re excited to see if that changes.

Some of New England’s finest are going to be on display this weekend and it’ll be a race to the finish to find out who the best team in Connecticut, and potentially New England, will be. At 39 teams, this will be the deepest field that most of these teams will have seen so far, meaning that the eliminations alliances are going to be that much more terrifying. The tried and true strategy of 2 offensive robots & 1 defensive team is unlikely to change, at least until we reach district champs or worlds. That being said, at 39 teams, the top 8 alliances will have anywhere from 23 to 16 teams to choose from for their 3rd robot, meaning that some of the best defense we’ve seen so far will be coming out in full force. Will this allow for more upsets? Or will the top 3 seeds continue to dominate this game? We’ll have to wait and see, but for now let’s take a look at our top teams going into this week!

Top Teams:

177, Bobcat Robotics: The last time we saw this historic team, they suffered a defeat in the finals at the hands of 230 & 1676. Rarely staying static as the season goes on, however, they’ve been hard at work on some updated mechanisms to really blast off ahead of the other cyclers in this event. Adding limelight vision tracking, a 973-inspired hatch mechanism, and improvements to their already fantastic cargo intake, we expect the Bobcats to rank somewhere in the top 3. With the Hartford district event having a marginally deeper field than what they had in Waterbury, Team 177 should be able to avoid having issues with their 3rd robot, something that potentially cost them dearly 4 weeks ago. If there are any doubts about where this team is at, we suggest taking a look at their start in Waterbury last year, and how they finished to become the 3rd (potentially 2nd) best robot in New England.

195, Cyberknights: A bit of interesting history, since 2011, Team 195 hasn’t lost an In-season event in the city of Hartford (that they’ve competed at), whether it was a regional, district event, or district championship, and from what we’ve seen they’re looking to continue that dominant trend. Though they improved slightly between their first 2 events, we expect their largest jump to be from Springfield to now. Focusing on hours of drive practice, a greatly improved hatch mechanism, and potentially new auto modes, The CyberKnights are looking to hit their typical late season spike just in time for District Championships. Looking at the data their cycle times don’t bring them into the top of any specific category, however, their robot’s ability to deal with defense, due in large part to their turret, makes them an effective cycler in the elimination rounds when they have the whole field to work with.

230, The Gaelhawks: Leading the charge in both cargo & hatches scored on the rocket for preliminary data, Team 230 is looking to redeem themselves after an unfortunate semi-final defeat in Springfield. Featuring an incredibly well-driven machine that can do cargo and hatches equally well (not to mention one of the few hatch ground intakes in New England), The Gaelhawks are going to be looking to secure the 1st seed by going after the rocket RP in most of their matches. And if they’re left alone, they’ll be almost guaranteed to get it, with ample time to climb. Though they do suffer from heavy defense more than some other teams on this list, they’ve proven that they’re one of, if not the fastest cycler in Hartford. Expect 230 to rank somewhere in the top 4, hitting the rocket as often as they can throughout their qual matches.

558, Elm City Robo Squad: It’s been a full month since their first event and rumors are circulating about some big changes on the horizon for the Robo Squad. As one of the strongest cargo scorers in Waterbury, we expect this trend to continue, improved upon by 4 weeks of drive practice. Strong drivebases are one of 558’s specialties, making them an ideal candidate to be one of the least affected when a defensive robot inevitably comes their way. Although we didn’t see them climb in Waterbury, we’ve heard that they’ve come up with a method to reach the Level 3 HAB that really sucks, and maybe they’ll even be joining a friend up there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Their lack of an end game hurt them in Week 2, but with this new addition, coupled with other general improvements, could propel them into the top 4 robots this weekend, and maybe even land them their 4th Hartford district event win.

190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D.: The RaptorGoat is busting into Hartford for their 4th play of the season, and they have their eyes set on scoring all of the cargo on the field. Unlike most of these top teams, Team 190 really doesn’t care about the rockets, and just wants to pile the cargo ship to the brim. Their drivers have become quite skilled at nabbing cargo off of walls with their small cargo intake, but we’re really hoping to see further improvements to this intake so they can better secure cargo balls that are loose on the field. If they can do this, then Gompei and the H.E.R.D. will be a strong contender for the best cargo ship robot, and that’s before we even consider the incredibly reliable Hab 3 climber they’re packing. Team 190 will be working to pull together all of their remaining loose ends at Hartford as they prepare for the Detroit Championship, and if they do, it’s guaranteed that RaptorGoat will claw its way to a captain spot once more.

Honorable Mentions:

2067, Apple Pi: After bringing the 2nd alliance to a rubber match in Rhode Island Apple Pi looks to be in great form. As the season goes on their driver is steadily improving, making full use of the swerve drive to be a maneuverable and lethal ally or partner. Though they’re not 1323 levels, Team 2067 is one of the top cyclers in Hartford, even if they tend to focus on hatches, and might even surprise us with a top 4 alliance finish.

228, GUS Robotics: Traveling to their 3rd event of the season GUS is looking to get a little more practice before (hopefully) heading to district champs. Though they prefer to focus on cargo, they’ve shown that they can be just as effective at hatches. Give them the correct alliance and they’ll show what they’re made of, as they came close to upsetting the #1 alliance at Western New England in the semis.

5686, Wirecats: Taking heavy inspiration from 95’s hatch mechanism, Team 5686 is coming into Hartford equipped with a redesigned hatch manipulator. Hoping to stand out as a hatch specialist, as well as a trying force with cargo on the lower levels, The Wirecats could be one of the surprises this weekend. Coupled with hours of drive practice, we expect this team’s Waterbury meow to turn into a full blown roar.

3555, Aluminati: Even though they were knocked out in the quarters at their first event, Team 3555 put up an impressive fight against a very strong 2nd seed. While their cargo and hatch abilities aren’t anything to be wowed by, this teams oppressive defense is what truly sets them apart. Effective driving and a solid drivetrain make this robot a force to be reckoned with, and it could be argued they’ve put on the best defensive showcase in New England to date.

7127, LongMetal: Though only in their 2nd year, and featuring a boisterous driver/Chief Delphi user (shout out to @WillTheMost, looks like you were right after all!) this team came at this year with the goal of tackling every objective. Whether it’s level 3 climbing, cargo, or hatches, they can do it all. Their record might say 3-10-1, but we feel that that’s not an accurate representation of what their robot is capable of. Be on the lookout Team 7127 in Hartford to see what this young group is made of.

Data-Based Analysis:
Using cOPR from Caleb Sykes’ Scouting Database, we can get a pretty good idea of what each team likes to do most.

Hatch Panels Placed on Rocket Ship:

  1. 230, Gaelhawks: (2.20 on L2/L3, 3.29 Total)
  2. 195, CyberKnights (1.70 on L2/L3, 2.99 Total)
  3. 181, Birds of Prey (1.26 on L2/L3, 2.77 Total)
  4. 4572, BArlow RobAUtics (1.11 on L2/L3, 2.11 Total)
  5. 2836, Team Beta (1.10 on L2/L3, 2.07 Total)

Hatch Panels Placed on Cargo Ship:

  1. 177, Bobcat Robotics (1.58)
  2. 2067, Apple Pi (1.54)
  3. 558, Elm City Robo Squad (1.49)
  4. 195, CyberKnights (1.38)
  5. 3146, Granby Grunts (1.35)

Cargo Balls Scored in Rocket Ship:

  1. 230, Gaelhawks (1.82 on L2/L3, 3.04 Total)
  2. 195, CyberKnights (1.18 on L2/L3, 2.03 Total)
  3. 228, GUS Robotics (0.75 on L2/L3, 1.06 Total)
  4. 190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D. (0.68 on L2/L3, 0.93 Total)
  5. 7407, Wired Boars (0.22 on L2/L3, 0.76 Total)

Cargo Balls Scored in Cargo Ship:

  1. 177, Bobcat Robotics (3.84)
  2. 558, Elm City Robotics (3.67)
  3. 228, GUS Robotics (2.80)
  4. 7407, Wired Boars (2.80)
  5. 2067, Apple Pi (2.74)

Climbing Onto Habitat 3:

  1. 190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D. (100% Success Rate)
  2. 2067, Apple Pi (82% Success Rate)
  3. 195, CyberKnights (72% Success Rate)
  4. 228, GUS Robotics (71% Success Rate)
  5. 230, Gaelhawks (67% Success Rate)

7:55 is close enough to 7:00, right? Thanks for reading!


WOOO WE MADE IT! For real though, it’s really an honor and we’ve made some serious improvements to both our hatch and ball mechanisms and speeded up our climb so I’m super excited for Hartford. Thanks :slight_smile:


This is going to be an exciting event to watch based on the predictions! Hartford has been a showcase of New England powerhouses for a long time and it is enjoyable to see what teams will bring to the field each and every year! I wish all teams best of luck!!!

We look forward to Hartford - always a great, fun event with many friends. One of the most competitive districts.

Correction: we sucked at hatches at Waterbury and RI - could not pick them up (Caleb Sykes data notwithstanding , I do love the presentation of the data though!) We only did hatches with a pre-load could not pick them up at load station or floor! - we did do about 4 - 7 balls though. Some how I suspect as we told alliance partners that we could not do hatches they pivoted to hatches and skewed data?

Having said all that, with our new hatch mechanism we believe we are now a hatch bot also! We’ll see - this is always a great event - looking forward to it!

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Page, we definitely agree that there is some skew! It might be due to 2067’s strategy - because of your ability to quickly cycle balls to the cargo ship, teams who usually left the front two bays open while scoring elsewhere decided to put panels on the cargo ship for you. Also, we meant to write about your focus on cargo, not hatches!

We’re excited to see your new hatch mechanism in action!

No worries - we love your predictions and look forward to playing with all our friends - this is what it is all about!

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Thanks for the interesting analysis, I love reading these when they come out. We’re beyond stoked as always to head over to Hartford (though I may be just getting excited for District champs, considering it starts a mere 72 hours after this event ends), should be a great event with some absolutely stellar teams. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s been up to since Waterbury/Western New England.


I hope 7127 lived up to NEforecast’s hype. The kids were amazing all weekend long… and caused plenty of their mentors to have much weaker voices on Monday…


Fell slightly short of our goal of at least reaching semi’s. A few tough early qual matches bumped us down in seeding and threw off our expectation of seeding in the top 15. Ending on the 8th alliance simply put us on the wrong side of the bracket.

Thanks for the shout out and to all the teams at Hartford. Have fun at DCMP for us!


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