NEforecast 2020: Week 1 Northern CT

NEforecast: Northern CT Event, February 28 - March 1, 2020

The Blue Alliance:

Which is your favorite of this week’s Top Teams?

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  • 6328
  • 2370
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With every new year of FRC comes new events, and the newest event added to the New England event lineup is none other than the Northern CT District Event! Located at The Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, CT, this event quickly packed to the brim with quality teams looking to set the tone for the rest of the season here in New England. An interesting twist is that many of Connecticut’s most recognizable teams - such as 176, 177, 195, 230, 558, and more - have chosen to sit this one out and expand their build seasons further. Many great Connecticut teams did decide to strike early though, and with plenty of teams from around New England and the Mid-Atlantic coming to stack this event, we have no doubt that Northern CT will be an excellent example of how competitive Infinite Recharge can be.

With only a small number of our Top Teams and Honorable Mentions opting to design with the ability to go under the Control Panel, we’ll be interested to see how alliances comprised of all tall robots strategize and whether a robot’s ability to fully utilize the trench run will make them move up an alliance captain’s pick list. We’ll also be eagerly watching how New England defense develops throughout the event - we’re known for being rough and aggressive, but with penalties abound so far in 2020, we’re hoping that we don’t decide many matches based on tech fouls.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, folks, so we hope you enjoy. We love to hear your feedback and thoughts, and we’ll be back around the same time next week for another round of forecasting! Good luck and see you at the competition!

Top Teams:

78, Air Strike: If you needed to pick the New England team most likely to crush their first event, Team 78 would be your best bet. AIR Strike is known for dominating right out of the gate, and as the winners of all 3 of their district events last year, it should come as no surprise that they’re our top team for Northern CT. Choosing to stay tall and focus on accurate outer and inner port scoring, AIR Strike is rolling out with an actuated 4-roller intake that feeds into a belt-driven channel and snappy turret. Their ability to make shots from all over the trench will allow them plenty of opportunities to shoot unhindered and could easily grab them the top spot this weekend.

6328, Mechanical Advantage: If you’ve spent any amount of time on Chief Delphi over the past two months, you’ve no doubt noticed this team’s stellar open build thread. For those who haven’t, Mechanical Advantage will be rocking a 6-wheel drive, an over-the-bumper intake that goes into a funneling feeder system before reaching their stationary hooded shooter, as well as a dual hook climber. Team 6328 also has the unique characteristic of being the only short bot in our Top Teams list, allowing them to utilize the entire trench for their cycles. If utilized well, this could not only help their cycle efficiency, but also make their qualification & elimination alliances attack from a wide variety of areas, giving them the ‘advantage’ they need to seed high and run away with this event.

2370, IBOTS: Last year’s UNH District Event champions seem to be in good form coming into Week 1. Choosing to keep it simple and stay tall, Team 2370 is also sporting a beefy 8-wheel drive, fixed shooter fed by belts, rotating over-the-bumper intake, and a dual hook climber. They’ll be tackling all aspects of the Infinite Recharge challenge and The IBOTS are no stranger to starting off strong - last year at their first event (Week 4) they managed to be the 2nd overall pick and finished as semi-finalists in a very close tiebreaker match. With even less time to prepare, however, we hope to see them up to their usual standards and score deep into eliminations.

166, Chop Shop: Team 166 has been on a steady upward trend over the past few years and we think their latest creation could be their strongest competitor since 2016. Featuring an over-the-bumper 3-roller intake, a stationary hooded flywheel shooter that’s fed by a channel of belts, and a rugged single hook climber, Chop Shop seems geared up to start this season off strong with a simple and robust robot. Though going tall limits the routes they can take for cycling, they have the effective strategy and smart driving that could be the push they need to be one of the top cyclers at this event, and maybe even secure their first event win ever.

2590, Nemesis: A new challenger approaches! We don’t often get to write about our friends from out of New England, but one of FMA’s perennial powerhouses is making the trek north to start off their season. We haven’t been able to scrounge a whole lot of information about this robot (hey, we’re here for New England!) and while this event won’t count for district points for Nemesis, we’re sure they’re going to play hard and perform extremely well in the elimination matches.

Honorable Mentions:

1153, The Revolution: They didn’t get a ton of hype at Week 0, but we were pretty impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of their robot. A wide intake and big power cell hopper fed into their stationary shooter, and when it came to scoring in the outer port, it just worked. With two weeks since their last performance to work out the remaining issues with their hopper/feeder system and plenty of time to practice, Team 1153 is going to hit the ground running and be an extremely consistent scoring machine.

190, Gompei and the H.E.R.D.: This group of gong-loving goats had a nice return to form with an extremely strong 2019 season that saw them as a top 8 seed at all four of their district events. Gompei and the H.E.R.D. will be hoping to carry this success into Northern CT and earn their first blue banner since 2014, so don’t be surprised if they quickly turn out to be one of the stronger competitors of the weekend.

2067, Apple Pi: Since 2014, Apple Pi has chosen not to do swerve exactly two times, in 2016 and now again in 2020. Going for an 8-wheel drive, a belt feeder that leads into a turret, and choosing to stay low, Team 2067 looks poised to make a strong showing this weekend. Their short stature will also set them apart from the crowd and will certainly add to their value when a top-seeded alliance captain is thinking about what lanes they want to run during the elimination rounds.

2170, Titanium Tomahawks: This big robot is going to be one of the best short-game robots of the Northern CT event. A wide over-the-bumper intake feeds into a simple but very effective carousel magazine, and when they plop down in the target zone, it looks like they’ll be able to put a large percentage of their shots into the inner port. They can climb, drive smoothly, and intake balls easily, so expect to see 2170 become one of the breakout stars of this Week One event.

2877, Ligerbots: Team 2877’s Infinite Recharge robot is short, wide, and potent. A 6 wheel WCD featuring an over-the-bumper intake, carousel/spindexer storage system and fixed shooter hood come together to make an appealing machine. In typical Ligerbots fashion, orange 3D printed parts are abundant, so you’ll be able to identify this robot from anywhere on the field. If everything works as nicely as it looks, this team will be quite the competitor at Northern CT.

Special Rookie Shoutout to Team 8013, Boston Lions!


I personally don’t see us as a top team but hey, I’ll take it. I can’t wait to compete with all of these teams. Also thank you NEforecast for doing this for so many years, whoever you are…


2262 saw this bot in person at an unofficial scrimmage last weekend (huge thanks to 5422 Stormgears), and let me tell you, this bot is as scary as it is cool.

Now speaking for my own team, well, guess you’ll just have to wait and see :grin:.


Guess we were right, eh?


Congrats 166 and especially @Connor_McBride !


The drought is over! Congrats @Connor_McBride and the rest of 166! You should all be incredibly proud!


Major congratulations to all 3 of the winners. That first Winners banner is a special feeling that I hope you all cherish forever and use as the catalyst for continued growth and improvement.

Also special shoutout to 6328 for being an excellent resource for all teams at this event and in FRC. I’m not waiting for the awards ceremony to say congrats on either that EI or Chairman’s.

Major shoutout to my former team 2170. Excellent robot and performance this entire weekend. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves despite how eliminations and alliance selections unfolded.


I’m not nearly as active around here as I used to be (@Connor_McBride has become 166’s “official” representative on Chief Delphi), but I’ll make an appearance to thank everyone else for their kind words of congratulations and share a bit of insight into what this win means to me.

The first event I ever attended was the UTC regional in 2002 when my older brother was on the team. Since then, myself and/or my family has been very closely involved with 166. That’s 19 years. That’s more than half of my life. Connor has much more fire and energy than I do these days, but my roots run deep.

Now that we have that coveted win, I can truly reflect and appreciate the hard work it takes to earn it. I’ve thought about the thousands of tiny decisions that and the happy little accidents that got us where we are. And I can now truly see how many of these wins don’t come without adversity. After our first two matches of the weekend, it looked like we might be packing up during the quarterfinals and in the semi-finals, it looked like a drive train failure might derail another promising run, but our students answered the call each time.

It was a wild, stressful, frenetic, exhilarating ride. I would say that I’m going to enjoy this for the next 24 hours and then begin preparing for the next competition, but that would be a lie. I’m going to enjoy this for a long time. It may seem like a bit much after one Week 1 district qualifier win, but if you have waited as long as I have, then you’d understand.

Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our alliance partners, 1740 and 2262. Their reliable auto scoring and climbing is what we needed and they delivered. They were awesome to work with and talk to and I wish them the best at their future competitions.


Echoing everything that was said congratulating the winning alliance, it was a wild ride through the playoff bracket and it was great to see your teams finally pull out an event win. Thanks to our alliance partners for helping us along to end as finalists through some stressful close matches.

I wanna also give a huge congrats to the volunteer of the year award winner Angry Eric. I started FRC in central New York always having Eric as MC so my bar was set so incredibly high from the start. The recap video showed some great moments like the legendary interpretive dance of FLR 2015. Nobody else quite brings the same level of excitement and energy to the field. I was glad to see Eric recognized for all the hard work he puts in and all the smiles he puts on students faces.


As an avid fan (and alum) of 166 I am proud to have watched @Dan_Petrovic and @Connor_McBride win this weekend.
What a solid robot guys! Can’t wait to see you as NEDC!


Our team was at Northern CT. Though they were knocked out in quarterfinals, I would like to acknowledge 6723 Mechanical Mounties who absolutely DOMINATED quals. They are definitely a team to be watching out for over the next few weeks.

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Many thanks to the field resetters at Northern CT, some of them here in a break in the action during playoffs Sunday afternoon.

I’m sure we gave the audience many entertaining moments placing the Power Cells back on the boundaries.


Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to compete with you. Will your team be at the western new england event in week four?

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We will be! See you guys there!

And of course the collection of robot guts found on the field after a day and a half. (The battery was left on the side of the field and eventually got collected.) These were the parts that didn’t get back to teams. If you see here parts that are on your robot, well, tighten them a little more. Those boundaries in the middle are not forgiving. Mecanum wheel parts especially, including one that somehow exploded.
I hope Apple Pi got their brass piece back (I found it finally while vacuuming).


Voted for 166 the day after, haha

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This was also the first blue banner for 1740, so thank you to 166 for selecting us to play on your alliance along with our outstanding third member 2262. I was personally very impressed with how well the alliance was able to perform and win even when we had unexpected problems like a bad battery that basically disabled our robot and our power cell feed system starting to jam for unknown reasons. The reliable balanced triple climbs were very impressive and really made the difference.


Not only is this the first banner for 2262, but this is the first finals appearance and the first award for us in our entire 14-year team history. We want to thank 166 and 1740 so much for picking us and having this amazing playoff run (we only dropped one match :grin:). Huge congrats to 3335, 1153, and especially 6328, yall were excellent and you deserve that Chairman’s banner.


Congrats on the win, you guys deserve it! We know how this feels, we got our first award in 2018 and first finals appearance in 2019.

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