NEForecast: Week 1 Granite State

Team list:

Starting off the 2016 Stronghold game in New Hampshire is the Granite State District Event at its new location: Windham High School. Its predecessor, the Granite State Regional, was sometimes considered FIRST’s “home” regional with its location across the street from FIRST HQ in Manchester. While much has changed since GSR 2013, the 2016 GSD event looks like a trip down memory lane with five New England states represented and some old favorites in attendance.

While the team list at first glance isn’t “stacked” with competitive teams, there are many veteran teams who have been increasing their competitive edge under the new district system and newer teams who are quickly learning the ropes. The event will be interesting without the presence of some usual favorites, however making up for them is the addition of teams who typically haven’t been calling GSD their first event of the season.

Many of the teams in attendance have already shown their stuff at the Merrimack Week Zero event two weeks prior, giving GSD the possibility of skipping some of the initial jitters associated with competing during a Week 1 event. From what teams showed in Merrimack or have released on their own, GSD has more high goal focused teams than some might expect during Week 1. With capable drivetrains under most Boulder focused teams, GSD has the chance of being decided by a shootout without the presence of climber combos. Who remains in the high goal and who retreats to repeatable low goal scoring may be what decides the outcome on Sunday.

78 This Rhode Island powerhouse debuted strongly at Week Zero with their robust ten wheel drivebase, seeding #4 in the qualification rounds with Boulders flying through the high goal and down low. In past years, Air Strike has had very competitive out-of-the-box robots that seed high in the qualifications and this year is no different. Don’t blink or else this team will have damaged the B & D defenses.

5687 In only their second year, The Outliers will surely be in the top ranks at Granite State with their 12-inch wheels and capable shooter. Last year, this team ranked #20 in the New England District and won two district events. At Week Zero they finished with the #2 OPR, and with the #7 spot in the rankings making defense crossing look easy. Creative, powerful wooden robots are becoming a common theme with 5687, and you can expect great things from them again this year.

131 This legacy team has several regional wins, regional chairman’s awards and an EI win in 2011. C.H.A.O.S. finished ranked #2 at Granite State in 2014 and finished as finalists, and finished as finalists at UNH that same year. After a setback 2015 season they have regrouped and are prepared to take on your castle with their infamous close shot that brought them their success in 2014.
138 **Entropy is known for debuting with strong robots, but at this event in particular they have a track record with a winning performance back in Nashua in 2014, and a finalist showing in 2015, both as the alliance captain. Entropy will be definitely looking to take back the title this year - expect them to seed very high.

238 This long lasting team from Manchester underwent major changes during the off season and came out fighting at Week Zero, finishing 9th with a robot that was arguably the best defense-crosser at the event. Expect them to be at the top of the rankings this weekend if they can continue their consistent breaching strategy.

**3467 **Although in the past they have been slow to start, this Einstein team will definitely be bringing their A-game at their home event with much to prove. With a CD7-style intake and simple catapult their most unique feature is under the hood: a 6wd Colson tank tread hybrid. With technical difficulties keeping them mostly in the pits at Week Zero, 3467 needs to have made good use of their time since bag day if they want to have a chance or be stuck playing catch up.

**95 ** Reigning champs of GSD last year, the Grasshoppers have been steadily increasing their standing among northern New England as a top competitor. After finding much success focusing on being the best at a few key parts of the game, their 2016 machine is focused a playing a bigger role in Stronghold. With a few key iterations under their belt that would ruin a team’s first event they are setting up for another strong opening event.

Keep your eyes on:
2342 Team Pheonix
**4905 **Andromeda One
811 The Cardinals
**88 ** TJ(Squared)
213 The Dirty Birds

Interestingly there are no rookie teams competing at GSD with the New Hampshire rookies opting for later events.

Good luck to all teams competing in Week 1!

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Excited for GSD this weekend and wishing 3467 the best this weekend. I know those students have been working really hard to get ready for this weekend.

Can someone tell me why Windham’s intake is called a CD7 intake?

They were pioneered by Chief Delphi the team way back in 2002. Specifically, it refers to the style of figure-8 polycord to center balls, with a overhead roller and central polycord to draw them into the robot. I think CD7 is for the 7th robot by Chief Delphi.