NEForecast: Week 2 Reading

Team list:

With its location at the intersection of two major highways in Massachusetts, Reading will be pulling double duty this weekend as it hosts 39 eager robotics teams ready to play Stronghold. While teams like 1474, 3566, & 4905 are fresh off of competing this past weekend at the Granite State District, most of the field is stepping on to a Stronghold field for the first time with a few others already getting this opportunity at Week Zero three weeks ago.

Just over two weeks ago teams put their machines in bags withholding some items making it interesting to see what teams have done given the time. Teams using these 30lbs to add functions beyond the basics of the game, breaching and low goal scoring, could see a competitive advantage only if they can remain consistent. In light of the recent update to the low bar some teams might find themselves worse off causing headaches in autonomous and teleop.

**4905 **With one week of competition under their belt where they seeded 2nd and received the Chairmans award, Andromeda One will most likely see themselves in a similar position this weekend. They typically found themselves with 80 seconds left on the clock after Breaching the Outerworks before scoring several boulders down low. Some unfortunate timing of bad luck kept them out of the finals when they sat dead for the first half of their match and lost by one ball that would have given them a Capture. If they can keep their intake and communications running smoothly they have a chance of a deeper eliminations run.

133 This steadily rising Maine team has learned many lessons over the years with simpler machines, but is now debuting in a robot ready to take on the whole game. On top of a category B & D drivebase, BERT has worked hard to build a consistent pneumatic shooter, intake doubling as a category A manipulator, scaler, and has kept it all packaged under the low bar. This is a Maine team that means business this week.

319 Big Bad Bob is another example of a driven team under the district model as they have emerged as a powerful New Hampshire team during the past two seasons. Their fast drivebase is capable of Breaching on its own with a strategic intake-shooter combination giving them a safe shooting position on the Batter. After coming within inches of their first blue banner last year at Reading they are overdue for a victory.

1058 While the PVC Pirates have a history of starting slower at their opening events their attendance at Week Zero showed that is less likely this year. After exhibiting they have the ability to Breach on their own while scoring a few balls they have the potential to seed high if they can remain consistent. Rumor mill says they are possibly adding a scaler to their machine this weekend which could be what separates them from the normal Breach and low goal robots that have found success at early events.

**58 **Known for primarily using wood in their robots, the Riot Crew’s robots are unique machines that show you can build competitive robots using different build methods. Instead of opting for pneumatic wheels or tank treads they are using 28 versa wheels to cross defenses with ease. While their shooter is a straightforward solution their history at early events will be an asset for them them this early in the year.

246 With an ambitious design leading them through the finals to a victory at Reading last year, everyone will be eager to see what Overclocked is bringing this year. After doing so well last last year with one event under their belt their performance this weekend will depend on just how ambitious this year’s robot will be. If they’ve had time to refine and test their 2016 machine, Overclocked will remain with the top teams this weekend.

4909 Despite having never made it past the quarter-finals, this young Massachusetts team consistently delivers a completed robot ready for action at their first event every year. Their dedication to finishing on time gives them the practice they need to seed within the top eight. Using their drivebase, shooter, and a smart eliminations strategy the Bionics could see themselves playing later than normal.

Honorable Mentions in no particular order:
3930 S.M.A.R.T.
1073 The F.O.R.C.E. Team
501 The PowerKnights
2876 Devilbotz
4761 The Robockets

Special Rookie shout out to teams 5962 perSEVERE, **5969 **English Skunkworks, 6161 Patriots, & 6201 The Highlanders as they go to their first FRC events!

For anyone interested, there are 6 teams participating in Reading who were at the Week 0 event in Merrimack.


3566 here - good luck to everybody! Reading was fantastic last year and we’re thrilled to return this year.

I promise you we’ll actually have a working robot this time, unlike at GSD last week. Looks a little something like this:

1073 here,
Hopefully people will take our lack of attendance during quals @ week zero with a grain of salt as the robot was badly damaged and needed to return home. Looking forward to a great weekend.

319 is ready for North Shore tomorrow! Thanks for the kind words.

Wow, thanks for the mention. Hopefully 28 wheels is enough.

Thanks for the mention! This looks like a great event!

Some quick thank you’s…

Thanks to 1058 for having me back to help out as an alumni. Watching you guys win and getting to help out where I could was an awesome experience. Once a pirate, always a pirate.

Thanks to 319 and 6161 for creating an awesome alliance during the elimination rounds. It was awesome to watch you both win your first blue banner.

Congrats to 4761 for winning your first chairmans award. You’re such a great team!

Thanks to everyone else who helped the event run so smoothly and made it awesome!