NEForecast: Week 2 WPI

Team list:

This week we turn to Wistah* for another week of fresh robots ready to take on Stronghold and reveal what teams have been working on. WPI is known for hosting action packed events whether it’s a district/regional, the New England District Championship, or the highly demanded BattleCry@WPI offseason event. Due to its Central location the team list represents most of the New England states giving it some variety in teams.

While Week 2 events are still the first event for most teams, many teams choose the later start date to allow more time for improvements & practice while tackling slightly more ambitious designs. Expect to see some of the top teams executing in more areas of the game than just breaching or scoring low goals. High goal shooters and scalers will begin to emerge as primary offensive strategies for teams with an equal focus on defense in the elimination rounds reminiscent of 1369 at Palmetto.

1768 As an emerging New England team, the RoboChiefs came out strong last year seeding at the top of their district events and the district championship by playing very consistently throughout qualifications. This year they are bringing an elegant robot aimed at navigating defenses with their 8wd and nailing the high goal from all over the courtyard. If they are prepared as last year they will be at the top of the rankings Sunday afternoon going into eliminations.

175 With a string of finalist appearances at 13’ GSR, 14’ Archimedes, & 15’ district championship since their last event win in 2011, Buzz is a proven team to bring a competitive strategy to an event and are long overdue to come out on top of the elimination bracket.

**4564 **After a breakout 2015 season winning their first district event, finalist appearance at another, and several offseason wins, expect Orange Chaos to come in full steam at WPI. Featuring a strong breaching drivebase, full width intake, and tape measure climber they have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to use at WPI to keep up with another week of Stronghold play.

2067 While Apple Pi typically doesn’t shine during qualification matches they always enter the elimination bracket rounding out a formidable alliance. If they can improve on their usual opening event performances they have a chance of following up on the 2015 season where they won both events hosted at WPI.

2168 One of Connecticut’s perennial powerhouses with well executed strategies by an equipped, practiced drive team. Another member of the 10 wheel club, the Aluminum Falcons will be near the top of the rankings with a strong breach strategy aimed at claiming as many RPs as they can in quals.

**190 **With some of the most unique concepts each year, Gompei and the H.E.R.D. are typically among the top of the pack at their home event. With wins at WPI in 2010, 2012, and 2014 history just might be in favor of repeating itself.

1100 The T-Hawks are yet another competitive Massachusetts team entering the fray adding to the quality of the WPI district event. Even though they aren’t a typical team to seed near the top they can be a big game changer come Sunday afternoon.

2877 Coming into WPI with a well constructed machine ready for solo breaching, the Ligerbots are hoping their custom tank treads help to give them an edge over the rest of the field of play.

5122 While the RoboTies are a a very young team only entering their 3rd year, you can’t overlook them due to their age. With strong, competitive robots in 2014 and 2015 they aren’t unfamiliar with playing late into
elimination matches.

Honorable Mentions in no particular order:

5813 Morpheus
126 Gael Force
2648 Infinite Loop
172 Northern Force
4473 Delta Prime
5400 WARP
1153 Robo-Rebels
4048 Redshift

Special rookie shout out to 5813 Morpheus and 5844 Josiah Quincy Upper School as they go into their first official events this weekend.

*If you are confused and looking at a map, you are looking for Worcester.

And it’s not pronounced Wor-Chester…


Never sleep on 4473. Great group of kids who find ways of helping an alliance out in any way they can.

Excuse me, I think you’re forgetting the team that’s obviously going to sweep the entire competition.

Seriously though, last year we upped our game compared to our usual standards, so hopefully we can do it again.

Thanks for the mention! We can’t wait to compete at such a great venue.

I’m a little disappointed that our first district event coincides with WPI. Its a great lineup this year! Excited to see what 4564 and 5813 bring to the field!

I’d bet the farm on 2168.

Hope you saved a cow, or at least a couple of chickens…

…y’know, in case…

Not sure about you guys but 4564 is having quite the impressive run this weekend.

Chi you guys are going to Hartford correct?

Oh, yes. TWICE!

Impressive predictions.

I have to ask, what team(s) ran under your radar?

I can name a couple :wink:

[BIAS] No kidding [/BIAS]

On another note, good job to 4564 for seeding first and managing to pick up both of the two loudest teams in the stands. Major props for team spirit, but my poor ears.

What a great event Wpi puts on every time. I was shocked by how much the robots and drive teams have improved between Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to all the volunteers for making the event so great and relaxing.

I would like to make a shout out to 5813 who as a rookie built one of the best robots all weekend. One of the most consist top goal shooters and defense breachers. Not to mention a drive team that acted like they have been around for years in first Great job to your team and best of luck at your next event and I hope we can play against each other again in Hartford.

Another shout out to team 839 Rosie robotics on there first ever regional win. Your team had a great low goal cycler and defense breacher and picked a great alliance. 1768 overcame the early qualification difficulties to become an excellent robot being able to shoot top or low very fast. Finally 175 with the climbing device that came to life in eliminations congratulation to all of you On your win.

Special thanks goes out to 2168 and 2067 for joining our alliance we had a powerful alliance for sure if things went alittle different I believe the outcome could have been different.

Looking forward to playing with many of these team again down the road at either pine tree or district championship

I agree, it was a great event all around. You guys played some great defense against us and it really could have gone either way with the bounce of a boulder.

I have to say that watching the event this year was loads of fun. We had our local newspaper from Vermont come down for a day to watch the event and they were really amazed. I wish I could get more people down to this event, it’s inspiring. I hope FIRST realizes that having an event like WPI is a massive draw for my kids. I know it’s expensive and requires a lot of resources, but it is something special.

Congrats to Rosie, Buzz, and the Robo chiefs for a well fought win. And a hats off to all the other teams that made the event so entertaining. Thanks to everyone who made this happen!

Major kudos to Rosie for trying to use one of their timeouts on our behalf after the first match of the finals! (We had waited too long to use one of ours and it turned out, so hard Rosie.)

It was great to be in the finals opposing Rosie, Buzz, the Robo Chiefs. You played a terrific game!

And a special shoutout to our alliance partners, Red Shift and the Colonials! What a wonderful group of students. I didn’t spend much time with the drive teams but every time I did, they were really functioning as a well oiled alliance, listening to each other, strategizing and making it all work as much as possible. If it’s a regret that I have after the event, I wish we had double checked every single tiny bit that could have shaken loose after hitting those ramparts as hard as we did.

The volunteers were wonderful. :slight_smile: The practice field was terrific. The refs were respectful and listened to us. The judges were thoughtful and asked comprehensive questions.