NEforecast: Week 5 Boston

**Neforecast Boston Event - April 1-3, 2016 **
Team List:

After a break in 2015, teams will once again be making the trip down to Boston to compete at the 2016 Boston District Event hosted this time at the Agganis arena at Boston University. As a popular venue among teams, it last played host to the first New England District Championship in 2014 and was home to the Boston Regional from 2006-2013.

New England is in the home stretch of the 2016 districts with 7 out of 10 events completed, all the teams have competed at least once and a few twice. Looking back at the 2015 season, the final districts showed the emergence of a higher level of play as six stacks played a more deciding role as the focal points of winning strategies with short stacks controlling the early weeks. Similarly, most of the Stronghold play in eliminations has been focused on the low goal with 194 low goal scored vs 42 high goal scored during the 16 finals matches. While low goals will continue to be important shooting robots are beginning to take center stage.


1058 After competing in their second district event at Rhode Island last week, 1058 has two district wins under their belt and they are gunning for more. They have the ability to consistently put 4-6 boulders down low, a good drivebase to assist in breaching, and their fast climber that served them well in the first few weeks of competition. If the Pirates are looking to commandeer another win at Boston, their increased low goal ability will be key. PVC currently ranks #1 in New England after two events.

125 Fresh off of Rhode Island where they were event finalists and Chairman’s Award winners, the Nutrons are prepared to continue their obliteration of the high goal at their home event. If 125 can improve their shooter lineup time and get some more drive practice under their belt, they will certainly see the final matches of the event. They currently rank #35 in New England after their finalist + chairman’s award showing at Rhode Island, however they already qualify for DCMP through Chairman’s and FIRST Championship through their win at AZ North.

**238 **Currently in a breakout season, team 238 is fresh off of their first blue banner win in the team’s recent history at the UNC Asheville district and finalist at the Granite State district. Their simple low goal strategy has worked well for them seeding #1 at GSD and #3 at Asheville, and if they can improve their breaching strategy and keep on pounding the low goal, the Crusaders will cruise far into the playoff bracket this weekend. They currently rank #34 in New England after only one event with 63 district points.

1768 The Robo Chiefs took the #1 alliance at Rhode Island to three matches last weekend with the first two matches decided by a mere three points. Their addition of a scaler on top of a their proven drivebase and batter shot show that they are setting their sights on Hartford and beyond with one of the only all around concepts in New England. The extra time spent in Boston as their third district means they’ll have plenty of time to iron out the details to improve their consistency. 1768 ranks #8 in New England with 98 district points.

3467 Windham Windup has had the most time off since last competing in Week 1 where they showed the ability to put four boulders up high in a match but didn’t have the consistency to make it out of the quarter-finals. With new additions for tackling defenses and more time to perfect their high goal shot, their catapult will be able to take center stage as the later weeks require more action in the high goal.

2877 The Ligerbots unfortunately lost after three long quarterfinals facing the alliance that eventually won WPI, but their ability to breach the A, B, and D defenses, plus the low bar, was key to them ranking #12. If 2877 can tune their shooter to reduce the time-to-shot, plus increase their drivetrain speed, it is possible they will be unstoppable with their treaded breaching machine, accurate shooter and fast intake.

Honorable Mentions in no particular order:

126 A consistent low goal monster at the WPI event that captained the #2 alliance into the semi-finals.
**2084 **Member of the 20 point auto club. Watch out for them to move their action more into teleop.
811 Began perfecting their niche at GSD in shooting two-three high goals per match and scaling. Looking to up consistency for BU.
**69 Large wheels and a wide intake helped give them an edge over their competition.
246 One of the stronger low goal oriented robots with potential to start shooting.
1073 A brutal destroyer of defenses and low goal scoring, but will need to improve their consistency for Boston.
1100 Strong team to round out the WPI eliminations as the 24th pick.
121 Seeing a stronger year than normal focusing on the Outerworks.

1058: Hosting a Robotics Expo and FLL qualifier in their state, creating an NH Alliance FRC page, and with a two year Chairman’s District Award streak under their belt, 1058 is a top choice for the Chairman’s Award at Boston.

467: With district and district Championship Chairman’s Award wins in 2015 and with their informational youtube channel that reaches over four countries, and Jr. FLL and FLL teams, 467 could receive the Chairman’s Award this weekend.

811: With a Regional Chairman’s Award in 2014 and a District Engineering Inspiration win in 2015, 811 could bring the Chairman’s Award home this weekend.

2877: With their first Regional Chairman’s Award in 2015 and a recent Entrepreneurship win at WPI, 2877 has shown the potential that they can receive the Chairman’s Award.

Previous Recipients
1100 T-Hawks: Rhode Island District Chairmans in 2014 and Boston Regional Chairmans in 2013
246 Overclocked: Chairmans at the 2012 and 2011 Boston Regional. Engineering Inspiration at the 2007 Boston Regional.
3467 Windham Windup: Chairmans award at the 2014 UNH District. Engineering Inspiration at the 2014 Northeastern District and New England District Championship.

Look to see governor Charlie Baker there Saturday afternoon! 4905’s MassFIRST team will be introducing him!

Thanks for the mention! Nothing new or crazy from us. Just making some more permanent solutions to some of our reliability issues. C-C chain runs don’t work so well when the distances on the completed version aren’t near the calculated distances. :o

Thanks for the mention! We have been hard at work since we got home from WPI, and we can’t wait to see our improvements in action against all these great teams!

The laptop with the malfunctioning USB port that left us sitting dead for the entirety of F3 at Rhode Island has been decommissioned - we’re looking forward to getting back out there! Maybe with a new trick or two :stuck_out_tongue: