Negative Repping...

To everyone,

Stop negative repping people because of disagreements, that is not what the system is for. Personal arguments do not merit negative rep, that is supposed to be reserved for open displays of nasty/unprofessional behavior.

Also, try not to negative rep people for their signatures, display names, avatars, or anything else about their account. That is none of your business. That is between them and the mods. You should only be worried about post content. Once again, it is not your place to negative rep someone for account information, or there would be an option to do so, and not only an option to give rep on posts.

The second paragraph is because I have been being negative repped for my signature. I put an extension over 200 px (as I am allowed to do, so is everyone else). And got negative rep for it. If the mods don’t like it… they have every right to change it (as per the site rules).

Sorry for this semi-long post, It just grates me to see everyone trying to be a mod. That is not our job.

-Cody C

I just wanted to point out that if long signatures bother you (they really bug me), you can go into “user CP” and choose “Edit Options.” Under that selection you can remove the check box next to “Show Signatures” and viola![sic] you won’t see those long, obnoxious signatures anymore.

I’d like an option that says “Show Only Short, Tasteful Signatures” but I guess that’s asking too much.

Plus, if you are using a newer web browser (any Firefox, Opera, Newer IE)
There is a 200 Px cutoff, which doesn’t allow long sigs.

Remember: “They’re just dots.”

holla holla pop yo colla

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Hm… yeah, I could care less about the little red rounded squares I get in my User CP box. I do, however, read the green ones. Those give me a sense of appreciation… lmao.

Henry will get this…but i was basically just saying exactly what he was

I could not agree more. Well more like I’m one of the victims :rolleyes:
Let me equalize your neg rep with some positive :wink:


I think going over the 200 pixel limit is a good reason for negative rep. There’s rules for a reason. But really, does it matter?

Honestly, if there’s something about your profile that makes someone neg rep you for it, should it really be there in the first place?

If you have a problem with a rep someone gives you, you can contact one of the mods to get it taken care of. But pretty much, if someone’s giving you a bad rep, it’s prolly cuz they think that something you’ve done is deserving of it, post, profile, signature or anything else…

If you see trash on the ground is it not your responisbility to pick it up just because your not a janitor? Sure, but if you pick it up your improving the community for everyone.

So why don’t we all just be janitors and get along?


OK, let’s all neg-rep Beth for those fake words :wink:

If you have a problem with the content of someone’s signature, avatar, or profile use the Neutral rep feature or private messaging.

As for what Cody said, I could not agree more. Just because you hold the opposing opinion of another does not mean they are deserving of negative reputation points. If they have however, purposefully insulted you or posted content that you find offensive, then negative reputation points could be considered.

Are you agitating my dots? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a problem that there is such a discussion.

What does it matter? It’s the least important part of this forum. Ignore them if you don’t like them and ignore the people who rep you poorly. I have some negitive rep about comments of disagreement I had with people, but on other websites that use the repping system, thats normal use.

Its all spelled out in the FAQ.

Exactly, It isn’t like I look at someones rep to see if what they say makes a difference to me.

But what he says does have some solid point, if you team is a chairmans team (a team that focuses on winning CA) you may neg rep someone for saying winning is important compared to if your a competition team ( a team who wants to win design/competition trophys) you may give the poster a positive rep.

The above applies to my first point, how many of you honestly look at rep in order to judge somebody’s idea or contribution to a discussion?

I think rep should have some bearing on a person’s contribution to a discussion. I also think rookie year should have some bearing as well. If a rookie with one green dot makes a somewhat dubious claim on a technical issue, I don’t think many people would be inclined to believe that claim. If a long-time FIRST mentor with the full rep points backed up this statement I think more people would believe it. That said, there’s no reason someone with very little rep can’t have a lot to contribute to a discussion.

Hey guys, I think that we need to get off of this topic as it is becoming a bad fighting thread. Please, if you have the answer then answer, but do not post any more personal opinions as far as this should go. I think this thread needs to be closed.

P.S. I’m not going to point anyone out.

I personally don’t look at their reputation points, I just know the actual reputation of most people on this forum. If I don’t know the person I just look to see what their rookie year is.

For example, I don’t think I have alot of reputation points, because usually, I rarely post. But in my 4 years I have become engulfed in FIRST and know very much about mechanical, electrical and programming. I never ever, and I mean never ever posted in the programming forum, but I have been working in embedded systems for a long time now. Now if someone asked something about one of their personal projects and what kind of microcontroller to use, a very very respected individual such as Alan Anderson or Kevin Watson may reply saying their opinions on a microchip PIC, but then I may chime in and start talking about Atmel AVRs (lets say alan and kevin have never worked with AVRs before). Since I have a way lower rep then the other 2 guys does that mean my information is less useful? No, both sugestions are perfectly valid, just because they have higher rep doesn’t mean that PICs are better to use. Maybe in this paticular case an AVR is the right uC to use, but if you go by rep, you wouldn’t listen to me in comparison to Alan and Kevin.

I am for the most part an observer on these forums, that doesn’t mean my input is worth less just because of a few green dots.