NEMO for FVC mentors, too!

Just a reminder (okay, it’s a shameless plug) that the Non-Engineering Mentor Organization (NEMO) is open to adult and college mentors of all FIRST program teams. NEMO provides support to mentors in the areas of non-engineering topics such as mentor recruitment and retention, teambuilding, team organization, fundraising, travel, etc. NEMO publishes white papers on these topics, promotes discussion in our online forum, gives presentations at conferences and facilitates workshops at off-season events as we are able.

Our website has a Resources section of information for rookie and veteran teams and Calendar section which includes an extensive listing of FIRST-related off-season events, workshops and summer camps. NEMO is a virtual organization and therefore charges no dues to join. I’d like to see more mentors from FVC and FLL join us this year.

For more information, visit our website at

Engineers are not eligible to join NEMO, but that’s OK! For us, there is an ad-hoc disorganization, notionally dubbed EMO. Meetings have no agenda and are called at random, usually in the evenings following long days at FIRST events.

LOL, just to set the record straight, engineers are more than welcome to join NEMO! We support all mentors who deal with non-engineering topics and often that is also the responsibility of the engineer mentor.

So, even engineering mentors are eligible to join NEMO? I guess NEMO really stand for “non-exclusive mentors organization”!

By the same token, I think non-engineering mentors would be welcome at EMO meetings, anytime.*

NEMO is pleased to be offering a Teambuilding Workshop at two FRC off-season competitions - Bash@the Beach on October 14 and at Ramp Riot on November 18. All mentors from any FIRST robotics program are invited to attend this free workshop. Participants will learn why it’s critical to team success to involve teambuilding exercises before the build season, and will take home exercises to do with your team. Please register in advance so we know how many mentors will be attending! Contact KathieK for more info.

The NEMO Teambuilding Workshop scheduled for October 14 at Bash@ the Beach has been cancelled.

The 3rd NEMO (Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) Annual Meeting will be held on Friday, April 13, 2007 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in World Congress Center room C-206, Atlanta Georgia. NEMO is free to join and is open to all adult and college mentors from all FIRST robotics teams. NEMO provides support to mentors in the non-technical areas such as mentor recruitment and retention, teambuilding, team organization, etc. We currently have very few FVC or FLL mentors involved and would like to see those numbers grow, so plan to join us if you can. For more information visit our website at